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    • Generic Open-WRT on Sky Fibre (MER) guide


      Here is just a quick guide on how to get sky fibre (MER) working with Open-WRT

      Before you begin

      Open-WRT is a very powerful 3rd party firmware for a lot of routers, however using this firmware can be quite in depth depending on what tasks you want to do. Saying this setting up a simple Wifi / LAN setup with sky fibre for the LAN is quite easy. If you wish to go ahead with this guide you should first visit and check for your router in the list, if you router us listed you should check the "Status" of your device to find what version it was supported from. And click on the name of your device to see its specific setup instructions. I would love to put info for specific devices but due to the amount of routers open-wrt support its not possible. Once you know how and what to flash to your router you can move onto the next steps to setup MER and sky fibre

      *** Note after installing Open-WRT you will probably void your devices warrentee, therefore the writer of this post accepts no responsibility for any damage ***

      Preparation (Requires original sky router still set up)

      1) Calculating your sky user-name and password

      1.1) Go to Sky Broadband Password Calculator - pH-Mb

      1.2) Select "Sagem f@st"

      1.3) enter the mac address from the sky routers status page (wan connection)

      1.4) enter the sky routers default wireless key and click calculate

      1.5) create the final key by adding the user-name and password together (user-name|password), you will end up with a key like 123456789012@skydsl|1234567890123456

      1.6) copy this final key and put somewhere safe

      1.7) Go to Convert String To Hexadecimal Online

      1.8) Paste the final key from 1.6 into the generator and convert

      1.9) Keep this generated string safe !

      *** eg 123456789012@skydsl|1234567890123456 will end up as 31323334353637383930313240736b7964736c7c3132333435 3637383930313233343536 ***

      Setting Up Open WRT (Requires a working Open-WRT install)

      2.1) Log on to the web interface (default ip, you may be asked to set a password

      2.2) Navigate to the "network" tab

      2.3) Click on the edit button for the wan connection

      2.4) Make sure the protocol is set to DHCP Client (click Save and Apply if any changes are made)

      2.5) Navigate to the "Advanced Options" tab

      2.6) Add the final key you generated in step 1.8 into the Client ID field

      2.7) Add "5.27.1a4N|PCBAFAST2504Nv1.0" without the quote marks to the Vendor Class field

      2.8) Click "Save and Apply"

      Final steps (On Open-WRT Router)

      3.1) If you havenít already plug the BT modem into the WAN port of the new modem

      3.2) Go to the webinterface of the Open-WRT modem

      3.3) Navigate to the "network" tab

      3.4) If all has gone well you should see an ip address under your WAN connection

      *** If no IP address is seen you may need to power cycle both the BT modem and the open-wrt router ***

      *** If after power cycle you are still missing an IP then you may have missed something so go over section 1,2 and 3 again ***

      Now you can go through and setup wifi / local ip / port forwarding there is a huge amount of into on the Open-WRT wiki about
      all normal tasks and functions of the firmware

      Hope this helps

      Many thanks to :

      • Open-WRT for the amazing work they do
      • Maintainers of PH-Mb Wiki where much of my initial information on MER comes from
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