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    • Blocking specific sites (Why, How, limitations)

      Sometimes it is necessary to prevent someone or everyone from accessing a specific website using the router.

      Whilst this tool is useful, it is a little too general and limited to be used in place of proper parental controls. There are various packages available which will do this job much better.

      The tool to block sites can be set to use the Schedule feature. This could be used to prevent someone from gaming all night or to allow access to the Internet only during an agreed time period.

      To block a site, you need to use a 'keyword'. Remember that this keyword can also prevent access to other sites which also match the definition.

      Setting up a Blocked site
      Step 1
      Using your browser, type in your router's IP Address ( ).

      Step 2
      Click on the 'Security' tab. At this point you may be asked to enter router's username and password details. The defaults are:

      • username: admin
      • password: sky (unless you have changed this)

      Please note: Both of these should be entered using lowercase letters only.

      Step 3
      Now click ' Block Sites'.

      Under the heading ' Keyword Blocking' click the radial button beside 'Always' as shown below.

      If you intend to use the Schedule, click the radial button beside 'Per Schedule' instead.

      Step 4
      Scroll down a little so that you can see the list of Keywords and the button below, as shown below:

      Now type the 'keyword' for the site that you wish to block. Some examples appear in the screenshot above.

      Click the 'Add Keyword' button

      Repeat this for each keyword or site that you wish to block. I don't know what the limit is with the Sky Hub, but it is worth mentioning that you can only block a limited number of sites/keywords. Adding too many will take up valuable router memory.

      Step 5
      If you intend to allow your own computer to access the particular sites which you are blocking then you will need to give it a fixed IP Address and put this IP Address in the section shown below:

      Click the 'Apply' button to save your settings.

      There is only room for one IP Address to be added here. If you use multiple computers or share your computer with family members whom you wish to prevent from accessing these sites, then please consider using Parental Control software.

      Please see our guide on allocating a fixed IP Address to computers on your LAN and our guide to setting up the Schedule for further information.
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