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    • Backing up your routerís settings

      If you do not change the default settings of the Sky Hub, there is no need to do this. Should the Hub's settings become corrupted, then you can restore them to the default settings by pressing the reset button on it for 10 seconds when the power is connected.

      If, like myself, you make a few changes to the Sky Hub's settings, then it could be a very good idea to save the settings to a file so that should settings become lost or damaged, or should the Sky hub need to be replaced, you can quickly recover them and carry on as before.

      To do this, open the router's home page by typing the Hub's IP Address in your browser (i.e. Click on the 'Maintenance' tab and then click ' Backup Settings'.

      Beside where it says ' Save a Copy of Current Settings' click the 'Backup' button. Your browser will now provide you with an opportunity to save a file named 'sky_backupsetting.conf'. You should have an opportunity to rename the file or save it in a particular place. Please save it somewhere suitable so that you can find it easily should you need it again.

      To 'Restore Saved Settings from a File' the process is very similar and is available on the same screen.

      The final option is ' Revert to Factory Default Settings'. This will be similar to pressing the 'Reset' button for 10 seconds.
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