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    • Notes: Setting Up Billion 8200N On Sky Fibre

      Given I've just received the latest test firmware from Billion which has resolved the issue with ECI cabinets and connecting to Sky fibre I have written and attached a short word document detailing exactly what settings you need to use to get this router working with Sky - hopefully it will help future users as it certainly wasn't self-explanatory for me to get it working!

      Notes For Setup of Billion 8200N On Sky Fibre.doc

      First make sure you have the latest firmware for Sky Fibre – the only version I have been able to make work properly was the 1.06a.dd2.dt1 version. These notes assume you have already extracted your sky username and password.

      Step 1: Login to the router at and you should be presented with this page

      Step 2: Click Onto the Advanced Button then configuration and then wan to be presented with the following page:

      Step 3 Input the settings as per the picture above:
      Main Port: VDSL
      Protocol: Obtain an IP Address automatically
      NAT: Enable
      Client ID: This is your sky user name and password extracted from your old router separated with the character |
      If your sky username was absdefg@skydsl and the sky password was 1578sas then you would enter “absdefg@skydsl|1578sas” without the quotes.
      Obtain DNS: Automatic

      Now you click on apply and then save config.

      At this point the router should be synced up ok but you will find that you don't have an internet connection. This is normal.

      Step 4: Log back into the router at

      Step 5: Go to advanced and then configuration and then advanced and finally choose the "VLAN" link - highlighted in the image below.

      Step 6: Fill out the settings exactly as in the image above and then click apply and finally save config

      Step 7: Your status page should now show that all is well

      I've found this router even though it is syncing lower (something I believe billion are working on) than the BT modem actually still manages a higher throughput on speed tests than the BT modem/Sagem router combo.
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Notes: Setting Up Billion 8200N On Sky Fibre started by simonmpoulton View original post
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