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    • Setting up Xbox 360 and Sagem routers for Xbox Live

      EDIT: I have now updated the guide to reflect the current Xbox 360 dashboard and the Sagem routers. This guide will still help those that have the other routers but some things will be named slightly different and may be in a different place

      Hi people, I have decided to attempt at writing a guide to set up your DG834GT V1 router with Xbox live to enable you to get an open NAT status.

      Please note that the steps in this guide are how I have set my Xbox 360 and my router up (wired) as like many others I had a problem with UPnP. There are, however, other ways to get an open NAT status but this method has and still is working for me.

      This guide also assumes that you have not changed any of the ip address settings within the console itself and have everything set to automatic.

      1. Get your Xbox 360s mac address.
      a. go to settings
      b. go to system
      c. go to network settings
      d. select either wired network or wireless network
      e. go to configure network
      f. go to additional settings
      g. go to advanced settings
      h. write down the mac address for your Xbox
      i. leave your Xbox on

      2. The router add XBOX 360 to the reservation table
      a. log into your router (default setting)
      b. At the top click advanced
      c. click LAN IP Setup.
      d. Under address reservation click add
      e. Under address reservation table find your Xbox 360s mac address and click the radio button to the left of it. This will automatically enter the information into the boxes below the reservation table.
      f. For the ip address change the last few digits to 101. i.e. (this will be you ip address for your Xbox.
      g. Rename the device name to Xbox360.
      h. Click add.

      3. The router port forwarding the require ports part 1

      Xbox live requires 5 ports to be open. UDP 53, TCP 53, UDP 88, UDP 3074 & TCP 3074
      a. At the top click security.
      b. click services
      b. Click add add custom service.
      c. Under service definition you need to fill the boxes in as follows:
      Name: XBL1
      Type: UDP
      Start Port: 88
      Finish Port: 88
      d. Once complete click apply.
      e. Repeat steps b to d for the remaining ports that need opening as follows
      Name: XBL2
      Type: UDP
      Start Port: 3074
      Finish Port: 3074

      Name: XBL3
      Type: TCP
      Start Port: 3074
      Finish Port: 3074

      Name: XBL4
      Type: TCP
      Start Port: 53
      Finish Port: 53

      Name: XBL5
      Type: UDP
      Start Port: 53
      Finish Port: 53

      4. The router port forwarding the require ports part 2
      a. At the top click firewall rules.
      b. Under inbound services click add.
      c. Click the drop down box at the top for service and select XBL1
      d. Enter your Xboxs IP address in the boxes for send to lan server
      e. Click apply
      f. Repeat steps b to e for XBL2 ,XBL3, XBL4 & XBL5

      Your Xbox Live ports are now configured, grab you Xbox controller for the next part

      5. The Xbox
      a. Reboot your Xbox.
      b. go to system settings
      c. go to network settings
      d. Go to test Xbox LIVEconnection.
      e. This should now have passed all the tests and reported that Xbox LIVE is up and running

      Job Done

      p.s please feel free to leave me any comments regarding this little guide.


      This article was originally published in forum thread: Setting up Xbox 360 and Netgear V1 router for Xbox Live started by andrewjr View original post
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