thinkbroadband :: WiFi addiction data from The Cloud shows us embracing hot-spots
The Cloud has published some data from research into who users their services and WiFi hot-spots in general. The research reveals that some 10 million of the people living in Britain log onto a public WiFi hot-spot every week when away from the home.

Part of this increase in usage is that so many people now have access to one or more of the WiFi hot-spot networks for free through arrangements like Sky, where Sky broadband customers get free access to The Cloud's network of more than 18,000 hot-spots.

Many assume that the key driver is the teenager who these days are welded to their tablet or mobile phone, but when a fifth (19%) of 45 to 54 year olds are using a hot-spot at least once a week age does not seem a total barrier. Amongst the over 55's this statistic does drop to to 10%.

Are you a snacker? or someone who likes to get all comfy when using a hot-spot, as it appears there are regional differences in how we use Wi-Fi, with Londoners generally just checking email or updating social media, while those in Nottingham spend 50% longer online in the typical session. People is Bristol, Cardiff, Nottingham and Reading also download twice as much data, with the population of Brighton managing to download double what people in London do.