Cashback for signing up to o2 Broadband - 17

Home broadband made better

  • super fast broadband
  • unlimited downloads
  • free uk customer service available 24/7

  • up to 8meg (unlimited usage)
  • from 7.50 for O2 pay monthly customers standard price 12.50


  • up to 16meg (unlimited usage)
  • from 10.00 for O2 pay monthly customers standard price 15.00


  • up to 20meg (unlimited usage)
  • from 15.00 for O2 pay monthly customers standard price 20.00

Added Extras
  • up to 10 e-mail addresses so you can give some to your friends and family
  • O2 e-mails to your mobile: get e-mails directly on your handset if you're an O2 mobile customer - its free to recieve up to 1,000 e-mails every month. No need to log in they appear on your screen like a text message
  • Masses of storage space. Thats 1GB of storage for the main account and 200MB for all the others

Our online calender to remind you of anything and everything when life gets busy.

If you are interested,

  • Register with SkyUser here
  • New o2 Customers use this link to order,
  • Then PM myself with the date and time of the completed transaction, I will then confirm the amount back to you asap. These Cashback Offers are valid until 30th November 2008 with a payout within 60 days of the confirmed sale by the agency.
  • Please ensure that you do not block cookies, for tracking purposes.

We can only offer the Cashback if you follow the above steps and the Sale is tracked through the above process.