Steve, to be honest, the way you are describing your wiring, I think it would be better getting BT to install a new master socket for you. It may cost you but you know the job is done right and they can put it where you want it. The alternative (although not cost efficient is to just move house! )


respect your opinion, and agree that my scenario is not a valid comparision as my master socket has always been next to the main cable entering the house and the fuse box. The only thing I can say though is it is only the past few months when the shower was installed that a new power (thicker) cable was required so at the same time I took the opportunity to chase the cat 5 cable along side it. I must admit that I didnt really know much about adsl and noise etc back then and if I did I probably would have left the cable run the way it was previous, but having now experienced that I would do it again as I suffered no apparent interference // connection problems which is what the original post was asking