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    Sorting out my wiring

    This is a discussion on Sorting out my wiring within the Cabling and faceplate help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Hi All. Been reading these forums for the past few days, they are great! My SR102 decided to spazz out ...

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      Sorting out my wiring

      Hi All.

      Been reading these forums for the past few days, they are great! My SR102 decided to spazz out last week and cycle the adsl on and off. Highly annoying, and I came on here primarily to see if I could extract our adsl login details so I could plumb our old HH3 in.

      Then it decided to work, so I left that, and realised that our internal wiring was very sub par. So I fixed that today!

      We don't have an NT5E, just a very old master socket, with an extension upstairs. Router would ideally be located under our tv, as I can plug the sky box and xbox into it. My server which was connected with cat5 is about to get a wireless upgrade as I cant run cable into the loft where it is situated.

      My brother in law is a bt engineer, and he fitted an extension to our old flat, which I took with me when we left, so I had an NT5E, and I'd wired lan cables everywhere, so had a krone tool and lots of cat5.

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_111702.jpg

      The line comes in behind this nice Post Office 'socket'

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_111918.jpg

      Which has nothing befind it, just the incoming line crimped onto the internal wiring

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_111947.jpg

      The internal wiring then goes around the side of the laminate in the hallway and to the master socket at the bottom of the stairs. An extension then goes upstairs, which is where the router was plugged into for the first 2 weeks!

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_111911.jpg

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_112029.jpg

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_112136.jpg


      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_112149.jpg

      Took a refrence shot, then snipped it off

      I then ran the cable to the first socket, but only took one pair out of the cable. The aim was to have the NT5E as the master in the front room, then loop a voice pair back to the sockets.

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_113032.jpg

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_113539.jpg

      The two cables tucked nicely down the side of the carpet

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_113557.jpg

      and the laminate

      I pulled the already loose trim off the laminate, pushed the cable through the handy existing hole in the wall and hoovered the rubbish out of the void

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_113732.jpg

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_113853.jpg

      That end of the hall done I turned my attention to the incoming line

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_113915.jpg

      I bought a BT80A as recommended on these forums, which would hopefully sit behind the gpo panel. Didnt want to put the nt5e here as the door would smash it off!

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_113927.jpg

      Stripped the cable

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_114415.jpg

      Incoming line screwed in
      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_114457.jpg
      Wiring connected
      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_114604.jpg
      And a cable tie for good measure

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_114834.jpg
      I put the lid on the 80a, but it wouldnt fit in the old back box so left the lid off
      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_114938.jpg
      You'd almost never tell!
      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_115455.jpg
      The hole at the end of the hall goes into the cupboard in our front room, handily!

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      Re: Sorting out my wiring

      Once in the cupboard, the cable was shoved into the gaps in the plasterboard, and a random hook that was in there...

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_115501.jpg
      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_115508.jpg
      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_115515.jpg
      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_115520.jpg
      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_115714.jpg
      I didnt fancy moving all the furniture, so just dropped the cable it for now. The trims all off on that side anyway, so if we do ever have a move around I'll tidy it up then!
      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_115719.jpg
      Wired up the back of the nt5e
      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_120014.jpg

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_120526.jpg
      Checked it did work, which it did!
      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_120732.jpg
      and wired the front in to the orange pair I took out in the hallway socket!
      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_120735.jpg
      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_122314.jpg

      Whole lot sits hidden behind the tv stand! Havent bothered screwing it to the wall.
      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_123026.jpg

      Orange pair wired into the first extension. The wires to upstairs are hidden under lots of gloss, so I wont rip it out. I'll whip the front off upstairs tomorrow and wire it to the orange pair, and remove the bell wire which was fitted.
      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_123240.jpg

      Looking much tidier already.

      Router stats from before

      Sorting out my wiring-sky-hub-status-before-re-wire.jpg
      Sorting out my wiring-sky-hub-status-just-after-plugged-.jpg
      and after! Down speed has gone down to 8.7mb, but I'll give it a few days to stabilise. Sadly it hasnt cured the loss of adsl from the router, it did it again earlier, but the phone sounds so much clearer!

      Hallway looked better after a few minutes with the hammer and some longer pins too!

      Sorting out my wiring-img_20140412_191520.jpgSorting out my wiring-img_20140412_191532.jpg

      We seem to have a dual tone off hook tone, any ideas why that is? Need to try the method listed in the sticky too and get the adsl details off and get the HH3 re-connected too!



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      Re: Sorting out my wiring

      Router stats to include noise margin ("show statistics" bottom of maintenance tab) would give a much better idea of any improvements.

      The dual tone, assuming you mean intermittent tone, sounds like you have Sky's voicemail turned on and it's telling you that you have a message. Dial 1571 to listen. If you don't want this service you'll need to call Sky to get it turned off.



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