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    Advice re fitting new master socket / DLM please

    This is a discussion on Advice re fitting new master socket / DLM please within the Cabling and faceplate help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me on the following?... (sorry for the preamble!) We've ...

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      Advice re fitting new master socket / DLM please

      Hi all. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me on the following?... (sorry for the preamble!)

      We've recently (as of 1st July) swapped to Sky Broadband Unlimited from PlusNet since I realised our exchange finally (after years of waiting!) had some third parties in there, including Sky, and we were already with Sky for TV and Talk (including line rental). Anyway, went through the initial DLM period, connection speeds starting at ~4Mbps, then to ~7Mbps and ~8Mbps before settling down to ~6Mbps which I'm not too unhappy with as it's still marginally better than we had with PlusNet, at a cheaper price.

      However it just struck me that I've never really tried out our master socket as everyone advises and so did just that this evening, using the test socket underneath the bottom part of the split faceplate (house built in 2004 so everything more or less up to date in terms of sockets etc. I guess?) Instantly there's a small improvement with the connection now at 7851kbps, line attenuation at 35dB (was 34.5dB before) and noise margin at 5.1dB. So, one thing I'm wondering is, does this sound like there might be more speed improvements to come? Is there a way I can restart the DLM process, or request it be restarted, or should it simply happen automatically? Or, does it sound like the connection has probably found it's new 'max' level on the master socket and I should just leave it all as is now? As I say, I'm not too unhappy because this now beats our previous connection with PlusNet for less cost but any speed improvements welcome of course, especially since the Oxshott exchange isn't even on the radar yet for FTTC according to the Openreach website.

      My MAIN QUESTION though... As it happens our master socket is on one side of the lounge, but the wrong side for us. Everything network orientated is on the other side (where I did have the router plugged into an extension socket until this evening), including my wired network which I have nicely concealed in the wall there running up 2 floors to some NAS boxes and a couple of PCs in our home 'office'. I've checked out the front of our house in the eaves (same 2 floors above the lounge) where the telephone line comes into the house and the black cable there runs into a small white BT marked box (single screw on top) out of which comes a white cable, which presumably then runs down to the master socket etc. I'm thinking, what would really work for me would be if I had my master socket in the front eaves, immediately where the black cable comes in. That way I have minimal wiring distance to the master socket, can plug my SR101 in directly there (there's power up there already) and it will be far easier, and neater, for me to hook into my wired network from there rather than running a cable from one side of the lounge to the other. How easy/costly is it to get a new master socket fitted like this? In fact can it be done at all and if so, who do I call to do this? Is it BT/Openreach I need to contact or are there private contractors who can do this?

      Thanks for any advice / suggestions anyone can offer (and sorry for being so longwinded in my question!)

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      Re: Advice re fitting new master socket / DLM please

      Whilst it is possible to move the Master Socket, this could be complicated by the fact that you have some telephone extension sockets.

      Personally I would consider the following solution first provided that you have an NTE5 Master socket:

      • Fit a VDSL filtered faceplate in the Master Socket
      • Plug you router in beside the Master Socket
      • Run a Cat 5e Ethernet cable from the router to where the router used to be
      • Get a 5-Port or 8-Port Ethernet Switch and place that where your router used to be

      Personally I have something similar to this, with a 8-Port 1Gbit Switch in use (I actually have 3 at the moment). For me I have a little more flexibility now, but my router is in more-or-less the same position as for when I was on ADSL. The position is it in gives me the best WiFi coverage for my home.

      The VDSL Filtered faceplate:
      BT vDSL NTE5 Filtered Faceplate|Interstitial Faceplate

      NTE5 Socket:

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      Previously Sky Fibre & Sky BB since 2010.

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      Re: Advice re fitting new master socket / DLM please

      At 7851kbps your speed is still low for your attenuation. You should be looking at 12Mb+. Can you check that when the faceplate is removed from the Master socket, all your other extension sockets are dead?


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