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    Cabling, is this right?

    This is a discussion on Cabling, is this right? within the Cabling and faceplate help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Right at the moment my internet is pretty pants... It wouldn't suprise me if half my problems is down to ...

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      Cabling, is this right?

      Right at the moment my internet is pretty pants...

      It wouldn't suprise me if half my problems is down to the cabling.

      At the moment the point comes in the loft which i believe there is a junction box where several cables come off no idea where!! one goes to the other end of the house in the kitchen i would imagine not unless that comes off another.

      So from the kitchen i have taken a Cat5 network cable from there right back again to other end of the house so goes back on it's self but it goes right past some heavy duty power cables for up stairs.

      So basically it starts at one end goes to the other and taken it back again.

      I was under the impression when i did this that my main socket was the kitchen but now realise it's not. Also power cable thing prob isn't helping at home.

      So when the cable finally gets in to the room i want it to after god knows how many boxes and joiners two and from the point of entry and the kitchen. it goes into a box sitting on the floor which has a micro filter plugged in and then goes into the back of my router (DG834N) via the dsl cable supplied by Netgear.

      ok i see possibly several problem there, doesnt take a genius to work that out.

      As i have loads of Cat 5, more twines the better?

      This is what i propose.

      Take out and replace the old junction box in the loft, replaces with a new master box with a adsl filter faceplate with the rear sockets to hard wire. So i take the phone from the phone bit of the back of the faceplate and the Cat5 from the adsl part of the back of the filter.

      I assume there is either two or three wires coming in from outside to attach 1 bell wire and then 2 others. I don't want to mess about with the Bell wire so how do i tell that apart? i'm not going to wire that one up. Also does it matter which way round the other 2 go when connecting to master box?

      So then out of the many cable inside the Cat5 cable i only need to connect 2? doesnt matter which 2 as all the same aslong as i connect the right two when terminating other end.

      So i take that cat5 cable over to my room about 6 meters maybe tad further. I then terminate with a RJ11 connector not messing with other boxes etc. connector straigh on end of the cat5 but... Which way round do these go in the RJ11? and am i correct in thinking the RJ11 can take 4 cable but you only connect 2? if so which of the floor slots do these 2 go into?

      Then straight into the back of the router from there.

      Is everything i'm planning on doing right?

      Is there a better way of doing it?


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      Re: Cabling, is this right?

      How To Ensure You Get The Best Performance From Your Line.

      (1) Where the line enters your home fit a NTE-5 master socket. Do not fit this in the loft (they get very cold in winter and hot in summer, NTE-5 and filter faceplates dont like this) Fit the NTE-5 master in a room below.

      (2) Fit a filter faceplate and connect all your extension wiring to the filtered output of the faceplate.

      (3) If you can put the master in the same room as the router, this would be ideal.



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