Had another play around with the leads last night and I have found that I can get the connection to work with my extension lead plugged into the front of the main socket i.e. where it was before but ONLY if I unplug the sky cable upstairs from the 2nd BT socket (the sky box downstairs whether in or out does not affect it). Very strange. As I said before, from the main socket is a lead coming off it that runs up the stairs to a 2nd BT box on the landing -into this goes a small adaptor that has the phone line from the 2nd sky box plugged into it - it is as if the box upstairs if plugged in is taking away some of the adsl connection from downstairs.

When I had the 2nd sky box put in to get sky+, sky told me the 2nd box needs to plugged in AT ALL TIMES otherwise I will be billed twice but I do not 100% believe this. Surely it only needs to be in to use interactive services like PPV movies or pressing red when watching football ?