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    No Master Socket in the house.

    This is a discussion on No Master Socket in the house. within the Cabling and faceplate help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; Originally Posted by Chi I'm not sure who to believe now. I did this test with this unknown ISP to ...

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      Re: No Master Socket in the house.

      Quote Originally Posted by Chi View Post
      I'm not sure who to believe now. I did this test with this unknown ISP to see if I could get broadband in my area, and they said I could take there 4mbps package, cos that's the max, although I wasn't intending to, obviosly.

      If I was to go ahead and take the faceplate off, remove ring wire etc. would I risk anything?

      EDIT: My noise margin is showing at 13 odd now. Attentuation still 43.

      What test?

      Was it simply something like this? [only usable if on old style 512kbps - 2mbps ADSL]

      That's what most are like... give an estimate based on your attenuation & your noise margin.

      Here's another, for ADSL2+ speed estimates (for people currently on ADSL 512kbps - 2 mbps or ADSLMax "up to" 8 mbps) - ADSL2+ speed estimate. This one just uses attenuation, so gives a speed range dependant on noise margin.

      Taking the ring wire off does not risk anything. Your phones will still ring, as only old phones need the ring wire [plus, each microfilter can power the ringer of its attached phone if necessary].

      As monkey_spanker said, phone BT & see if they'll fit an NTE5 for you, & what they charge (if anything).

      Your attenuation will not change. It is (mainly) related to line length.

      Your noise margin will change throughout the day. Although 13 seems a bit of a jump from your earlier margin (7?).

      Have a read of these:

      Quote Originally Posted by Chi View Post
      I think I'll leave it for now, as they say I should only expect 4mbps.

      Would new wiring boost my connection speed?

      I still think what they told you was probably rubbish, IMO.

      You should get at least 8mbps with your attenuation... so long as you have a good noise margin.

      Your noise margin is not good > you get less (i.e. you only get 4 mbps).

      New wiring would help reduce noise, which would increase noise margin, which would then hopefully increase speed too [unless Sky have actually capped you at 4mbps, regardless of noise margin].

      As I said before, my speed jumped from around 4-5 mbps to 8-9 mbps, just from removing the ring wire. My attenuation is 44 dB.
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      Re: No Master Socket in the house.

      I agree with Tezcatlipoca, I think you have been dished up a lot of rubbish. For one thing if they told you your exchange was only capable of a maximum of 4.1 and it is Sky enabled, they are making it up. Almost all exchanges are capable of supplying at least 8 mbps, if it is LLUd then it will be at least 16 mbps.

      Post your full router stats and one of the members will advise you what you can do and what you can expect. Don't give up yet, there is every chance you will be able to double your speed.


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