The nice man from BT has now installed a new NTE5 box and connected up my extension upstairs that the router/modem plugs into. In the master box he wired the extension up to pins 2 & 5 on the faceplate and I've got a filtered phone/ADSL plate (with a seperate socket for each) upstairs with the wires connected to the pins corresponding to the master (2 & 5). I then have the modem plugged into the ADSL socket direct.

The problem is that when the 'phone rings the modem goes offline (the internet light goes out). I'm guessing that I need a XTE 2005 thingy from ADSLnation and use the wires from the master NTE5 pins 2 & 5 to connect to the A & B connectors on the XTE2005. Would this solve my disconnection problem using the extension? I don't have any problem if I connect the modem via microfilter into the BT faceplate downstairs so I'm assuming that the extension is the problem, and if I use a microfilter in the extension the modem stays offline (the internet light doesn't come on at all).