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    Bringing a Sagem F@ST 2504 back to life

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    by , 21-01-08 at 06:56 PM (11580 Views)
    As part of my efforts to crack the Sagem router, I managed to accidentally "brick" my Sagem router. Normally, if the router's flash memory has been corrupted, the router goes into a recovery mode which has a stripped-down web server through which you can load a new flash image. Unfortunately, I seemed to have got the router into a state where it was crashing at startup but wasn't going into its recovery mode.

    Then I stumbled upon this link. OK, it's for the Linksys WRT54G router, but that's a Broadcom BCM6348 based router, just like the Sagem. You have to get the timing just right, but after a few attempts, the Sagem router started responding to pings. It didn't seem to be running a tftp server as described in the link, but it was running the recovery web server. Way hey! I gave it the 2404 flash image, and a couple of minutes later, I had a working router!

    Unfortunately, I've already bid on a replacement Sagem router on eBay, so I'm going to end up with two Sagems. I suppose I can always flash them with the 2404 firmware and sell them on eBay as suitable for use with any ISP.


    1. James67's Avatar
      I've managed to get my first Sagem back to a state which looks like a Sky router again, but it seems to have retained some of the 2404 characteristics, such as a command-line interface via telnet (although sadly, this isn't actually a shell).

      I've got my second Sagem, and actually, I think it's going to be quite useful for the final testing of any potential crack. I'll stick you working on my first Sagem for now though.
    2. rickuk80's Avatar
      fantastic.. it worked a treat!


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