Hi, firstly I would like to apologise if this is in the wrong forum, I wasnt sure which to post in and this seemed to be the most fitting.

The topic explains it all really, I spend most of my time on the computer playing online games, previously I was on BT 2.2meg and had a very decent ping of 10-30 with no noticable lag or delay at all. I then switched to sky broadband ("Mid") i think, which supposedly has a faster connection. However, my pings have gone up dramatically on all games to floating about 100, with very bad lag.

The setup in my house atm is that the inet line is connected to the sky netgear router, and the router is connected directly (by cable) to my dads computer, and by wireless to mine. The setup was exactly the same as before, except with a normal netgear router (exactly the same except with a different logo on as far as i know.)

I went onto speedtest.net and the results I got were:
Ping - 103ms
Download - 1588
Upload - 348.

Download speeds arent as much of an issue for me as I have been told that ping is more down to response time, and not so much on "top speed". I unfortunately dont have any speedtest results from BT to compare .

I'm mainly asking to see if anyone else has this problem, what it might be down to, and if theres anyway to improve it without having to change ISP. I'm not particularly good on computers, so try and spare too much technical lingo is possible.