Well just an update really. The guy who promised the world didn't even bother to get back in touch with me.
I called Sky today (again) and asked what was going on.
Spoke to a nice guy who i have to admit has been the most knowledgeable and helpful out of all I've spoke to so far in tier1. He told me that my ticket had been looked at yesterday and it has been closed.
I explained that they should have contacted me as i know they would have went off the speed checkers but they are all inaccurate with most saying i should only have a 2mb max connection; also told him that i had had a solid 8mb connection since March with Zen and since Sky became active it has also been a solid 8mb connection.
I also said i wasn't on ADSL2+ but like before i would like to be put on it as i strongly feel like my line is capable of more than 8mb.
He agreed and said he would raise another ticket and try and fast track it.
I asked if it would be possible to be put through to tier 3 so maybe i could speak with myself, he laughed and said he would but there's a 2 1/2 hr queue. (every other tier 1 has told me that they cannot put people through to tier 3 as they have no incoming lines) I told him that I'd give it a shot and join the queue, he said he would sort the ticket and wished me luck, lol.
10 Min's in the queue and my call was answered Spoke to a nice lady and told her my thoughts about my line. She said she would change it to ADSL2+ no probs and set it at the max to see how i go and if there were any probs for me to get back in touch and they would cap it a little till i got a steady connection.
while i was on the phone the connection changed
I tested the connection with a download from a newsgroup and it banged in at full speed all the way. So it just go's to show you can't trust these speed/line checkers. Hats off to the guy who put me in the queue for tier one and mucho kudos for the lady who gave my line a chance to shine.
Here's my new stats: She noted that my noise margin had dropped but said there could be something done about that.

/usr/sbin/adslctl: ADSL driver and PHY status
Status: Showtime Channel: FAST, Upstream rate = 765 Kbps, Downstream rate = 15997 Kbps
Link Power State: L0
Mode: ADSL2+
Channel: Fast
Trellis: ON
Line Status: No Defect
Training Status: Showtime
Down Up
SNR (dB): 8.7 8.5
Attn(dB): 28.0 15.3
Pwr(dBm): 1.5 12.4
Max(Kbps): 16972 1020
Rate (Kbps): 15997 765