I am having trouble with my upload speed. I am on a 70Mbs download 20Mbs upload contract but on 12 May had issues saving back to my companies server. On doing a doped test I found I was getting 58 Mbs download and only 0.6Mbs upload. I logged the fault with Sky and a couple of days later the problem was resolved. However this only lasted a few days and it went back down to 2Mbs giving huge delays in sending emails, saving documents to the server and VC's. I contacted Sky again and they logged the fault but Openreach closed it down. Still having problems, I reported the fault to sky again and was told that the line tests were fine and it must be the router. I received the new router and set it up but still no improvement.Contacting Sky again the guy try passing me off with it must be network congestion. Having insisted that he log another call out with Openreach they do not seem to have come out and the problem still exists. I found out my neighbour across the road is having exactly the same issues on talk talk and the Openreach engineer told him that he thinks it is a faulty port in the street cabinet but there were no spare ports as several are faulty out of service. Do I ring Sky again and have a row with their operator? Do I report Sky and Openreach to Ofcom or us there another way of getting some service?

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