Hiya guys looking for some advice, on how to connect and setup my second router which will be used as vpn router. I just want it for downloading and watching kodi and plex. Looking at best setup for speed through vpn am currently have sky sr102 connected to asus rt-n66u through wan and using open vpn client. Getting dl speed of 11mbps but without vpn am getting near enough full fibre pro speed this is all wired by the way.
Just need some guidance as I have router connected with extension plug in plug into the n66u wan port then my vpn set through wifi I use nord vpn. But as of late my speeds have dropped and it's getting disconnected have to hard reset sky router and n66u to get it working again. I use ptpp for vpn setup but not 100 percent sure on what I need to have set on sky router and n66u. Any advice would be great.