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    Static Routes?

    This is a discussion on Static Routes? within the Asking for help forums, part of the Broadband Technical Help category; Hi I have ordered Sky Fibre and it should be activated next week. I am a Network Engineer so use ...

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      Static Routes?


      I have ordered Sky Fibre and it should be activated next week.

      I am a Network Engineer so use multiple vlans on Cisco switches in a home lab etc.

      Does the latest Sky Router support static routes?
      Most articles say no but I found one which suggests putting a different firmware on the router enabled advanced features?

      I have a fairly decent Draytek router but its not VSDL, it only has ethernet WAN ports.

      If the Sky router doesn't support static routes, my thinking is:

      - Using the Draytek to NAT so that the Sky router only sees the Drayteks WAN port IP address, therefore doesn't need static routes.


      - Replacing the Sky router with an Openreach modem (will this work??) and just using the Draytek

      I would prefer just to have one router and I will be doing some port forwarding and would prefer not to have double NAT.


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      Re: Static Routes?

      As of firmware version 2.1r.3761.R the SR102 does not appear to support static routes.

      For someone with your expertise and technical knowledge there are multiple options available. The SR102 does not have a modem mode, but you can disable DHCP & Wifi and then use the DMZ feature for an 'actual' router box.
      As for entirely replacing Sky's router, you'll first need to throw the Terms and Conditions out of the window (They prohibit it, unfortunately.). You'll also need a router capable of using DHCP option 61 (maybe also Option 60) in addition to some packet sniffing tool (to obtain the requisite credentials.) More detailed guides on this topic can be found elsewhere.

      There does exist a custom (unofficial, obviously) firmware for the SR102. However, the above options are easier as the installation requires physical modification of the SR102's hardware.
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      Re: Static Routes?

      A number of our members are using their own routers on Sky's Fibre products. Some routers have built-in VDSL Modems, so the BTO Modem is not required.

      The key feature required is support for Opt.#61.

      With the likely roll-out of IPv6 just around the corner, I am getting concerned about some people having problems if they have their own routers. We won't know the answer to this question until IPv6 goes live.

      Currently there are those thinking that it'll be worse than the millennium bug, however this is something that the Internet has needed and it'll be great when it finally does start rolling out IMHO.

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