I have button lag on every online FIFA game at all times with any settings wire or wireless. It was the same with previous ISP. I changed to sky hoping it would fix the issue with a change of ISP but it remains the same.

It is not related to the xbox or settings as it is ok offline. Only online does button delay occur. It is not related to EA servers as everybody else playing has a perfect connection, regardless of internet speed during the games. Only I have a problem.

My NAT is open fully and I rarely have problems connecting or being disconnected. I've tried opening ports and it makes no difference.

And my problem is persistent at all times and all settings (It is the same at all times of the day, even at 3am), which tells you it's my connection. It is the same with or without wires.

I investigated it on all the other forums and there is no solution, which indicates it is a connection problem and definitely not settings or EA. If it was EA, the problem would be intermittent and not constant over a period of months and also would affect people in the games I play which it doesn't.

The only resolution appears to be when people changed ISP, which doesn't confirms it is nothing to do with EA or Xbox settings, hardware etc, but the actual type of connection. What the problem is, is not clear though.

Does anyone have any knowledge of what is happening? Is it related to upload speeds or some synchronisation of the line or something? Any help appreciated.