Hi Y'all

This is my ' lost virginity' post !!.

I need help!!.

Sky BB went live 3 weeks ago. No great problems with our desktop and a 2 year old Dell Studio laptop.

My wife however, works for the NHS and requires VPN access to her Nhs Intranet site.
Prior to changing to Sky I was with Talk Talk BB. At some point in that subscription an NHS tech guy came round and installed a Netgear DG834G router and the VPN.
No problems.....system worked fine.

After disputes with Talk Talk and their excuse for customer service I moved to Sky.sorted
Sagem router arrives. Set it up. No probs with laptop and desktop but wifes OLD Dell Latitude 600 laptop sometimes connects but when it does there is regular signal dropout.
My mistake was phoning Sky !!.
I spent over 5 hours trying to resolve the problem. At one point they talked me through resets of all systems in the house and left me with 'sorry but you will have to connect with an ethernet cable!! on all systems !! AARGHH!!.
Fortunately one of my sons came home for the weekend and sorted most of the problems and helped the VPN situation but connection to the VPN is patchy to say the least.
I know Sky say they do not support using their system for business but this is my wifes employment and requires the ability to send and receive emails and documents over this system. This is NOT private business.

I still have the original Netgear router and my username and sky password codes.
If I swap will my connection to VPN be restored to the original level of reliability or should I ask Sky for a Netgear router to replace my rubbish Sagem one ??

My wifes work from home is compromised and I need a reliable connection.

Can anybody HELP!!??