I don't think this will effect you as it means the component that converts IP V6 to 4 is not working, but it could mean that your network card is not up to date. As I've said before go to your laptop manufacturers site and down load the latest drivers for your card. Even if it appears to be the same driver, download it as yours may be corrupted. Make sure you get the correct one as manaufacturers use different chipsets, even in what appears to be the same model. Make sure you get only the drivers, don't download the configuration utility, you don't need it

When you have done that go to the Device Manager, expand the Network Section, right click the card and and select Uninstall, if you are asked if you want to uninstall the drivers, click Yes. When you have done that reboot and when the card is being installed, point Windows to the location you saved the latest driver.

You can disable the 6to4 adapter, as you don't need it by right-clicking the Command Prompt and selecting 'Run as administrator', type the command netsh in 6to4 set state disable, hit Enter. The component will be disabled and hidden.