Used to have the router very close to the telephone master socket and it worked just fine with a pc and two laptops, but after adding more laptops it got to the stage that when one tried to connect the routers forth light along i belive (the @ one) went orange and the router needed to be reset. This problem got so bad that it needed to be reset every 10-30 min. After a call with sky the lady on the phone said there is only so much internet to go around! lol, so i didn't really get anywhere with her! So in the end I connected the router to my pc via a lan cable and that kind of stopped the problem more or less. Anyway.... was working flawlessly almost with just my pc and two laptops used very infrequently, but after adding another laptop which is now used quite often, the router always has an orange light when I wake up and basically as soon as I leave the house and lock my door I am told that the router disconnects almost straight away.

But if I put the router out of my room and near the master socket i have to use a wireless card and that seems to screw things up alot more! I also used a D-Link router the first time it really started acting up down stairs and that was even worse!

So I don't know if it a problem with the line ie (noise margin and all that stuff) or maybe its the router settings or maybe its all the computers which might mess up any setup! But this is after having a netgear in my old place which worked flawlessly with two laptops and a pc for a year! Could it be a coincidence that having it connected by lan seems to make it work much better or is it because that just takes my pcs wirless out the equation!?

Also, because it sometimes rarely disconnects eg tonight it has only done it once or twice it is hard to try out new settings and stuff. Any help much appreciated!

some stats for you:

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 1018 kbps 412 kbps
Line Attenuation 32.0 db 15.7 db
Noise Margin 9.7 db 21.8 db

yeah, very slow, but i think its meant to be, was 2mb a month ago now 1mb! noise margin was 10.3 at 5pm ish now 9.7 at 10pm ish, so not much of a drop, cant imagine it dropping below 7 and it didn't drop below 7 when it disconnected at 7pm ish so that might throw that out the window!