This is probably an old question but my search has failed to find it.
I have got fed up with my old Sky mini dish (I use Freesat from Sky on a Pace box) breaking up in bad weather so I have bought an Icecrypt 60cm with their Universal Quad LNB. I have mounted it so I don't have to take the old one down until I am up and running. I am using the same Satellite Finder as I did when I successfully set up the second hand mini dish but whatever I try I cannot get it to give any signal quality or lock.
By measuring the bars with a ruler the old system shows (still does):
Signal Strength 68%
Signal Quality 48%
Lock Indicator OK
Network ID 0002
Transport Stream 07d4
The new system shows:
Signal Strength 79%
Signal Quality blank
Lock Indicator Not Locked
Network ID 0002
Transport Stream 07d4

Any ideas what I have done wrong / should check?