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    Really really Bad Speed.

    This is a discussion on Really really Bad Speed. within the Asking for help forums, part of the Broadband Technical Help category; Hi guys hoping for some advice. I have been helping out a freind with a really bad connection. They use ...

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      Really really Bad Speed.

      Hi guys hoping for some advice.

      I have been helping out a freind with a really bad connection.

      They use to be on Pipex and where only getting 1/2 mb or less on a 2mb service.
      They are only about 1.5 miles from the exchange wiring about 2miles estimated.

      They have moved to Sky max and there connection is worse than poor.

      ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
      Connection Speed 314 kbps 484 kbps
      Line Attenuation 48.0 db 25.0 db
      Noise Margin 9.0 db 15.0 db

      Initally i thought the house wiring was to fault as the router is plugged into an extension. so i moved the router to the bt master test socket after removing the spilt plate.

      The only real change was the uplink speed increased 200kbps. Downstream hardly changed.

      ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
      Connection Speed 384 kbps 612 kbps
      Line Attenuation 49.0 db 27.0 db
      Noise Margin 9.3 db 17.0 db

      Sky say that should get around 5.5meg and in real world i have got more than that on ADSL2+

      This line is hardly getting to 1/2 meg.

      I think there is something seriously wrong with the BT line, how do i get this resolved. From experience BT are less than helpfull even when you know something is wrong.
      Is like likely to be a sky issue or is everyones though the same as mine that the line is faulty (btw no audible noise on the line)
      What obligations are BT under to provide service to you property that can provide at least average ADSL service.

      1/2 meg on a 2 mile line is far from acceptable.

      Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

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      Re: Really really Bad Speed.

      When you removed the front of the master socket to expose the test socket was the other extension dead (not working)?

      If you pick up the phone and dial one number and listen can you hear any noise? pops, crackles or just a faint hum?

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      Re: Really really Bad Speed.

      If there is nothing wrong with your voice line then it's a Sky issue.

      Two things:

      1. Try another router AND filter. See what sync speed you get in the test socket.
      - If this improves your speed or noise margin significantly then you know the router is faulty. Call Sky to get a new one.

      2. If not the router then call Sky, log a slow speed fault. Be connected to the test socket when you call and if you've already tried another router then make sure you tell them. They shouldn not be sending another router to try if you have one of your own to try. The only things Sky can do at this point is to arrange for an OpenReach engineer or to swap the equipment at the exchange. They'll usually opt for the OR engineer as they report exchange equipment faults too.

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      Re: Really really Bad Speed.

      It looks like yet another line that ADSL2+ will not work properly on. The increase in attenuation in the Test socket is a bit strange, normally this would decrease if anything. Try pushing the plug in and out half a dozen times, just in case it is not making a proper connection. See if there is any difference.


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