When i subscribed with sky about a year ago i was given the SAGEM F@ST 2504 SKY router because my Compaq Presario SR5228UK is not wireless compatible i couldn't connect to the router wirelessly. When my cousin came round for a few months his hp laptop couldn't connect to the router the WPA key was always asked for (SZSUBDX) - correct me if i'm wrong but we would get a message saying unable to connect to SKY64689. To cut a long story short.

Switched to VM TV and had to cancel sky but sky never asked for the router back, having moved into a new home (no VM services in the area) then siwtched to talk talk who gave us the sh***y HUAWEII SMARTAX MT882 (http://tomsk.wstream.ru/karta/bz/huawei800.jpg). It is not even wireless.

Now that i have a PS3 and a new wireless laptop in the house, i would like to connect them all on the same network the PC is on but the Sh***y SMARTAX is not wireless. Talk Talk charge 79 on their website for a Netgear wireless ADSL router. And because i'm building a website i prefer to work in my bedroom so that i don't get distructed if some one wants to use the internet on the PC

Is there any way possible besides Flashing (tried it but i have no clue) that i can use the sky's SAGEM F@ST 2504 with talk talk (my current ISP). I have a read alot of posts here (james67) about flashing but i seem not to understand most of it.

If flashing is the only way and if it is possible can i flash the SAGEM with one or any of these's firmware.

DG834G - Version 3
Huawei HG520
Philips SNA5630NS
Belkin G Wireless

Some one Please help, with the credit crunch roaming, i really wanna save myself that 79. So please help and i would appreciate any alternatives.