hope there's someone out there that can help me. I'm about to pull out the rest of the hair I've got left.

I've got a Nokia N95 phone and a sky netgear router (think it's the dg834gt). I want to use the WIFI & SIP settings built into the mobile phone to make VOIP calls.

I found clear instructions at Free Voip Calls with your N95 - How to - Wiki - Voip and SIP calls with your nokia and my favorite applications and thought I'd go for the VOIPBuster server that they recommended. Trouble is that you need to buy 10 worth of credit with most VOIP servers before you can try phoning landlines so I didn't want to pick the wrong one.

I followed the instruction exactly but when I make calls to a uk landline I don't get a proper ring tone and it disconnects within 30 seconds. However, I'm amazed with the quality and that's why I've become obsessed with getting it to work.

I read elsewhere that the firewall needs setting up to use VOIP so I checked the IP address of my phone under "attached devices" and opened TCP/UDP port 5060 that VOIPBuster uses. Still no difference.

I was still suspicious that my router was preventing the use of VOIPBuster through my phone so I borrowed a neighbour's unsecure wifi connection (without them knowing). It worked much better. I had a proper ring tone and the call lasted over 3 minutes before disconnecting. It may have only disconnected because of low signal strength.

I then spent nearly a week playing with different settings in the router and phone with no joy. I then tried installing some software called "fring" on to my n95 phone. This software was designed to allow people to use their HSDPA and 3G mobile phone connections with VOIP because most networks have banned this due to their capped data services. You can however still use it with a WLAN access point. I connected to my Netgear router through this software and it worked without disconnecting. However, the quality is rubbish and the delay does my head in. It's like going through a timewarp back to the 56k dial up days.

I have come to a conclusion that the Nokia N95 mobile phone, the Sky Netgear Router and the VOIPBuster server is not very compatible together. I am willing to try a different VOIP server but only if the recommendation is solid because I don't want lots of 10 of credits floating around everywhere. Is there anyone out there that can help me?