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    How to block P2P via router?

    This is a discussion on How to block P2P via router? within the Asking for help forums, part of the Broadband Technical Help category; OK, still no success... here's what i am trying to do; Set up a firewall rule(s) that ONLY allows traffic ...

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      Re: How to block P2P via router?

      OK, still no success... here's what i am trying to do;

      Set up a firewall rule(s) that ONLY allows traffic to web, email (pop/smtp) for ALL wireless users. All other traffic should be BLOCKED by default.

      Here is a screenshot of adding a firewall rule:

      Here is a screenshot of firewall rules summary:

      In this simple test of blocking all ports and only allowing web traffic, we were still able to surf from the notebook, so i pressume i'm doing something wrong. What am i missing?

      Lastly, i followed Slims advice, and disable UPNP (the UPnP Portmap Table has ZERO entries), although i can't positively say whether or not this has limited the other users P2P traffic.

      Many thanks to all

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      Re: How to block P2P via router?

      Like mentioned before, if they are downloading like crazy, the best thing you can do is block thir MAC adress..
      But even then, with a little help one can imitate another mac adress, or just buy a cheap wireless card that will have a different mac adress.

      Second, by closing off all ports, a receiver in XP is able, once the IP adress is set, to use ports 80 and 8080 for P2P; as long as they don't use iexplorer before they use their P2P program.
      If that doesn't work, they just use a tunnel program to connect to distant peers, keep the connection through the tunnelprogram, so it seems like thy are using an internet explorer to download and upload.

      In short doing what you want will not help.

      The second best thing you can do, is try to locate their MAC, and IP data, and use a bandwidth limiter like Netlimiter, to create a capped bandwidth channel for them.
      I have never tried this; but if there's a way to cap bandwidth to certain mac adresses this will be your best shot.

      this probably will need or require a fully functional pc to be used as W-les router, as netgear or linksys routers cannot do that by themselves.

      Basically that will mean installing a laptop (or low power pc) on the LAN connection, then using a second lan card (wlan) as access point..
      This is just but an idea.

      Another thing might be to just let them download. If you see they're not making profit from their downloads (don't get customers buying DVD's or software) then sooner or later the amount of download will decrease.
      If they do make money out of it, then it's better to inform the cops...
      Then you can be sure download will drop drastically!

      Users who download are not always people downloading movies or software.
      It could be a teenager addicted to youtube...
      well, like I said before, whenever they found what they where looking for, downloads will probably slow down to a minimum.

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      Re: How to block P2P via router?

      Thanks, we had considered that, its a bit mean to totally block them off, also they will then be continually restarting the router and what not to find out why they cant connect.
      If I understand this correctly the miscreants have access to the router and it's settings. If you want anything to work you will have to deny them this by setting up a good password to the Admin page and keep the router in a locked cupboard to deny them physical access. I take it you are in student lodgings with several occupants, if so, this is a widespread problem, where some individuals with no regard for others, insist in hogging the bandwidth. If you can secure the router, it is possible the 'Block Sites' function may help. If you placed the P2P sites, torrents and sites like Rapidshare in the blocked sites this may work.

      It is a difficult situation to be in and I am sure the landlord will not be too pleased if he recieves a demand for X000 for downloading copyright material.


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