I have a few extremely annoying problems with my sky broadband max package

The first is the connection dropping, I have turned off UPnP and installed Mossywell's Bounce Sky Router but thats when another problem crops up. Whatever site I was viewing or IRC server I was connected to when the connection dropped I am unable to connect to them at all. So when Mossywell's Bounce Sky Router tries to connect to google.co.uk and ebay it comes up as failed yet my connection is fine and able to connect to anything else andthis results in the software thinking my connection is down and rebooting. (this is not to do with my browser cache btw)


ADSL Link               Downstream         Upstream
Connection Speed        1688 kbps          764 kbps
Line Attenuation        52.5 db            30.7 db
Noise Margin            5.6 db             12.0 db
And I live less than 1km from my exchange!