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2 Months Free O2 Home Broadband when ordered in July

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About O2 Home Broadband

O2 Home Broadband is free on ALL O2 PACKAGES for the first two months when bought during July.

O2 Home Broadband is a multi award winning service from O2. Launched in 2007, it has made a big impact on the ISP landscape, redefining the levels of service, price and speed that customers can expect from an ISP.

At present there are four packages available. Standard, Premium, Pro and Access. Access is for consumers outside of the O2 LLU network, hence the higher price point. Crucially it does gain from the same great service benefits that O2 provide to all of their customers.

In the annual Uswitch Awards in March 2009, O2 Home Broadband won an incredible 9 out of 11 awards available.

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