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ADSL2 Line Speed Checker - upto 24mb

Line Attenuation: dB
Distance from Exchange: This option is not as accurate, as using your Line Attenuation.

This ADSL2 Line Speed Calculator is a best guess only, as to the broadband speed that maybe possible on your telephone line. The checker provides results of up to 24mb with the data that is made available to us. This is purely for indication only and should not be classed as the Line Speed that you would receive on any ADSL or LLU product from another ISP.

Due to the fact that your Telephone Line does not run in a straight line from the Exchange, the Distance from Exchange figures, are interpreted as if your Telephone Line is that exact length. In reality, you will find it highly unlikely that this is the case.

For a lot more detailed information about your Telephone Exchange and a complete breakdown of all the services available to you, please try our Broadband Availability Exchange Checker

If you are not sure of how to get your Line Attenuation, from your non Sky Router, please check our How to get your Router Stats Page



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