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How to change the default password on a Sky Sagem F@ST2504n Router

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This tutorial will show you how to change the default password on your Sky Sagem F@ST2504n Router

Sky Sagem F@ST2504n Router


When you receive your router from Sky, it is preconfigured with the following default settings.

Username: admin

Password: sky


For obvious reasons, these are not very secure, as anyone on Sky Broadband would potentially know your router login details.

So let's change the password to something more secure.


Step 1

You need to login to your router

Type into your browser URL bar. (or just click on the link)

Now you need to click on Further Diagnostic Help (marked A)

login screen

In the box marked B you need to enter the default settings,

Username: admin

Password: sky

Then press OK


Step 2

Click on set password in the top area of the screen

Set Password

You then need to enter your old password which is sky (marked A)

Enter a new stronger password in B

Then repeat the new password in C

Then click apply (marked D)

Changed Password

The page will then change to a new login box, enter your new details and then click OK

Username: admin

Password: your new one that you just entered

Login again

All done, you have now succesfully changed your password.


Please note: If you ever reset the router, by sticking a pen (or similar) in the little hole on the back of the router, it will reset the default username and password back to admin and sky

Comments (5 posted):

Isitme on 17 February, 2012 15:26:30
Remember that if the router is reset by pressing the Reset button, the password will revert to the default. It will not be reset with a reboot.
Ian West on 17 July, 2012 09:52:46
When I try to change my router name a pop up from windows security is asking for my username and password which I dont have as I never set on up in the first place! is this the sky password- admin, and sky? that I need to use? help please
Pauline on 28 October, 2012 19:09:30
Thank you, I feel more secure now, I didnt change the password but did stop the name from being transmitted. 363
Donald Best on 06 November, 2012 17:12:04
unable to make a broadband connection, I guess I need a password which I haven't got?
robert on 03 December, 2012 17:32:35
seriously thinking now of going to people with fibre optic cable as my broadband keeps freezing even thught i have been on to sky & done every thing they told me to do the broadband still freees when using my e mail.

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