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Setting up Wireless on an iPod Touch / iPhone (With screenshots)

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Setting up Wireless on your Ipod Touch/ IPhone (Visual Edition)

There are 3 ways in which you can set up a new wireless connection on your Ipod (i’m using Ipod instead of listing the ones this affects). Two of them are closely related and so could be classed as 1 method, but they are different none the less. We have already seen one tutorial (without images) on how to set up wireless. I will start with this one first including the slight variation in the proceedings and then step through the other one afterwards.

Manual & Semi Manual Setup

1. On your Ipod home screen locate and touch the “Settings” icon.

iPod Home

2. In the settings main screen you should see “WI-FI” at the top of the list. You will need to touch this to access the settings.

Select Wifi

3. Next you will hopefully see a list (at least your own) of wireless access points. At this point there are two ways you can go. You can (if you know your SSID) select your access point from the list, or you can manually set it up using the “Other” link. The easiest by far (due to the typing side of things on the Ipod) is by selecting your SSID. If you select your SSID as I have done below you will get a password field appear in order to join (the security settings are configured automatically and the SSID is automatically used).


Select SSID

Clicking on your access points SSID will open a password screen. Enter your password (WPA Key) and click join.

Enter Password

3b. If you have a hidden SSID or prefer to create your wireless connection manually then click on “Other”. You will then need to enter your access points SSID, choose the security type (EG, WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA Enterprise etc) and finally enter the password (WPA Key) if applicable. (Note, when entering caps you need to use the shift button after each letter on the Ipod as SSID’s and WPA keys are case sensitive!)

Select Other

Select Other

Join Other

4. Once you have followed either of these steps and clicked on “Join”you should now be connected and ready to use your wireless. You should be faced with a screen that looks like this, where you can see a tick next to your access points SSID indicating that you are connected.


5. As a final step to check lets go back to the home screen (by using the one and only button on the front of your Ipod) and then open up “Safari”.

Select Safari

You should be able to load a website up, like I have Google if your wireless works and is connected correctly.


Automatic Setup

This is the easiest method by far as there are only a couple of steps involved.

1. To start we need to be on the Ipod homepage and then look for and touch the “Safari” icon to open the browser.

Select Safari

2. As no wireless access point is set up I will be prompted to do this by giving me a list of available access points. At this point I need to click on mine from the list.

SSID Browser

3. Once I have clicked on my access points SSID I will be asked to enter the password (WPA key or which may be WEP for you).

Enter Key

4. Once you have entered the password and clicked join, go back to the browser and open up a website and if all is configured correctly you should whizzing away.


And there we have it. A number of ways in which to set up wireless on your Ipod. I would like to give some credit to the original writer of the original tutorial (as this is only fair).

I hope it helps some people out there, although I don’t think too many people will encounter many problems :-D


Tom (HSNetwork)


Click here to download this guide as a PDF

Comments (5 posted):

RichardOxley on 31 March, 2009 21:54:38
Have tried both the recommend methods of accessing the internet - neither seem to work with my newly purchased ipod can you offer any help.
Thanks :-)
Lavinia on 03 September, 2009 20:44:46
Thanks a bunch!!!!!This helped a whole LOT!
Richard Micklewright on 27 October, 2009 13:25:00
Followed the steps above and it works at home for my O2 wireless router. During the week I work away and live with a friedn who has Sky broadband. I follow the steps and even get a tick to show that it recognises the connection but when I open Safari I do not get a wifi signal, instead I get the round circle and a very slow connection. Any ideas how I can get a connection would be appreciated.


jojo on 25 December, 2009 10:55:25
i just got an ipod touch for christmas and i dont know what the password is for SKY46072 and it keeps asking me for it! also no other things come up in the choose network box just that plz help..!
johngerrard on 17 January, 2010 12:55:28
hoorrahhh, at last my son can stop nagging me, worked a treat for me an my sausage fingers lol

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