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How to port forward on a Sky Sagem F@ST2504n Router

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This tutorial will show you how to port forward on your Sky Sagem F@ST2504n Router

Sky Sagem F@ST2504n Router

Sometimes, when you use certain pieces of software or applications, then you may need to open some ports on your router, to allow the software or applications, to communicate with your router.

An example maybe Vuze, or any other type of Torrent software, or you may even just want to host an FTP server on your home PC to allow others to upload or download files etc


Step 1

You need to find out what actual port it is that you need to forward. For the purpose of this tutorial, we are going to assume that you need to open port 12345

To find out what port it is that you need, then look at the documentation of your software or application and then make a note of it.

Step 2

You need to login to your router.

In your browser bar, type (or click this)

You should then see the below screen.

Sky router login screen

Step 3

You then need to click on the Further Diagnostic Help, marked A bottom left hand side.

Once you have clicked you should see a dialogue box, similar to this. (Marked B)

Username and password screen

Type in your username and password:

Defaults are username: admin password: sky (unless you have already changed them)


Step 4

You should now see a screen like this, click on the security link (where the red arrow is)

Once logged in

This will then present to you some different options.

It is a good idea to check the existing firewall rules, to see if any match the port number that you actually need to use. Most common ports will be listed in there already.

For example,

FTP - 21

SMTP - 25

To check for preconfigured rules, then click firewall rules

Firewall Rules

You then need to click on add, under inbound services

Click add

Once on the next screen, click the little arrow, to the right of the service label

Click Service

Using the scroll bar, scroll down and check to see if your required port is actually listed, if so then jump to Step 7

Step 5

By this stage, we have now established that the port 12345 is not listed, and as this is the port number that we need to allow the router to communicate with the software / application, then we need to manually add one.

To do this, we need to click on services



We then need to click on add custom service

Add custom service

Step 6

We are now going to create our custom rule for the port that we need (12345)

A - Give it a name, so as you can identify it easily. ie myrule, etc etc

B - Normally it would be TCP so select that, if UDP then use the drop down etc

C - Put 12345 in here

D - As we only need port 12345 adding, then also put 12345 in here

(Sometimes, you may need to open a range of ports, ie 80 - 100 in which case, you would put 80 in C and 100 in D)

E - Click apply

Port numbers

That's the hardest part out of the way now. It's time to tell the router to allow the port number that you have just created.

Step 7

Click firewall rules

You then need to click on add, under inbound services

Click add

Then click on the little arrow to the right of service and using the scroll bar select the rule that you have created

Your rule

A - Rule you created has now been selected

B - Choose allow always

C - You need to add the internal IP address of your PC / Laptop eg

(You will need to know this already)

D - Click apply

Add your rule

You should now see your new rule listed, under inbound services - As a certain Chef would say, "Done"

Rule added

Go and try your software / application to make sure it works.




Work in progress, keep checking back.

Comments (31 posted):

lewis on 21 March, 2012 21:26:57
Port fowarding and firewall rules simply does not work with sky broadband i think you should sort it out immediately becuase you are wasting peoples time and money who are paying for this rubbish standard of internet broadband.
sminq on 31 March, 2012 14:13:43
This document does not explain how to do port forwarding.

An example of port forwarding: incoming traffic connects to port 12345 on your router and is sent to port 54321 of a specified connected device. The incoming data is "forwarded" to a different port.

All you have succeeded in doing in the above is to create a custom firewall rule to allow traffic to enter on port 12345. The traffic is not being forwarded, it is just being passed through.
NewsreadeR on 03 April, 2012 17:50:54
^^ You must have missed this bit then?

C - You need to add the internal IP address of your PC / Laptop eg
sminq on 12 April, 2012 21:49:10
Hehe you're quite right. I totally missed that - I stand corrected :)

Martin on 19 April, 2012 02:47:48
I was trying to sort port forwarding for my XBOX. Issues about moderate NAT apparently! On the Sagem 2504N the term LAN Server IP address is simply the device that needs to use the port you are forwarding. On a laptop or PC you should setup a static IP rather than a changing dynamic one (makes sense) and Portforward.com have a free downloadable app that will set this up on your machine for you. This will be your LAN server IP address when set-up.

For the XBOX go to network settings and select manual and give the XBOX a static address such as (the last set of numbers should be over 100 but go for an odd number as most fixed static numbers tend to being even) and then put the 'router address' in (or 'gateway') ( and the subnet mask ( and save. The do the abov e port forwarding!
Craig Ferguson on 07 May, 2012 07:19:51
That's not port forwarding. That's opening ports on the router for a specified device.

Also, you don't need to change your xbox to manual for IP. If you give your xbox and dedicated IP it will automatically be assigned that IP by the router and when you switch your xbox on, it will have the IP that has been assigned to it and will not need to be done masnually.
Matthew Gill on 08 May, 2012 20:46:53
+1 thumbs up!!

it worked perfectly :) its a lot more complicated than my old router but what ever gets the job done.

thanks for the setup guide
yahyashakil on 08 July, 2012 19:09:05
it doesnt work i treid port forwarding my game minecraft it didnt work
g cook on 11 July, 2012 21:30:28
this worked for me follow exactly
make sure sue click the correct port

spot on thank you sky
gary on 15 July, 2012 20:25:57
this worked for me but you must understand the ports you need to open. just do your homework first....thank you for the walkthru
Craig on 25 July, 2012 13:43:58
I've had this router since yesterday 24/07/2012 as a replacement to the old white Netgear. I'm familiar with web interface and forwarded my ports exactly, cleared the NVRAM and restored my settings and still labels me as 'un-connectable' with uTorrent etc. The ONLY fix to make me 'Connectable' is to enable 'Respond to Ping on Internet WAN Port' and then it works when I do the tests. So if people have done this step by step do that little thing in the router also and it should work when you do the tests again.
johnmac1990 on 02 August, 2012 15:29:58
I have an 02 boostbox thats been working fine for months, it stopped working about 5 weeks ago and ever since I have been trying to get this port forwarding complete, I have so far failed, what has happened to just stop this from working all of a sudden and why is this so complicated, I just want my o2 phone to work in the house again?
Rob Jackson on 10 August, 2012 17:34:31
this guide works PERFECTLY with this modem. If you haven't got it working, you have misread a step, your modem is different or the software you need port forwarding for is not configured.
shaf on 14 August, 2012 19:04:49
I have a cctv connected, I can view on the internet explorer by typing 192.168.0 etc from my pc. The only problem is I can't view from outside home i.e from next door internet services. It something to do with port forwarding. I have a d-link router. can someone please explain/tell me how can I do this setup. thanks
Martin on 25 August, 2012 01:11:09
I still cant get this working, i have two Synology Diskstation NAS and cant for life of me sort this any help?
skymart on 25 August, 2012 19:06:20
This guide worked perfectly for me. 10/10 ***
ahsoopk on 21 September, 2012 20:18:44
I am trying to setup FTP server so my friends can access files. I have setup IIS on Win XP and done everything according to this tutorial and trying to access FTP server using ftp://176.254.3.xx but it doesn't happen. However I have checked that port 21 is open. I am going mad please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
MiMi on 04 October, 2012 00:36:00
Hi i've been given port numbers to stop the glitching and lags on my ps3 only problem is the numbers don't fit into the 5 number space on the bar. I've got the sky router made the name says Sagemcom. Do i have to separate the numbers as they are as follows.. TCP: 80, 443, 9988, 10000-10100, 17502, 42127
UDP: 3659, 14000-14016.. Can someone please help me..
Rowland on 04 October, 2012 22:19:37
I tried to open the ports required for my O2 booster box, ports 50, 123,500, 4500. i have done all the settings and it still does not allow my boosterbox to work.
A Roberts on 06 October, 2012 18:16:43
I have a slingbox. I set up port forwarding early in the year and months it has worked fine. I do not know why but I am not longer able to watch using my slingbox over the internet. Any ideas. I have tried deleting the router rules and setting them up again. I have reset the slingbox to factory default
BG on 07 October, 2012 12:09:55
I use Qloud media to access files on my computer from my android phone.
It worked through wifi but not 3g and I was told I needed to forward a port to let it work. I found which port I needed to forward, did this to find my ip address;
start >run> type 'cmd'then enter. when the window loads type 'ipconfig' and prss enter
Followed this guide and now it works perfectly.
10/10 and a big thank you
lisa on 07 October, 2012 19:48:25
You have saved me from certain insanity. i am not very techie and have been pulling my hair out with opening a port for an ip camera. All sorted now. Thanks
Michael on 14 October, 2012 12:28:44
I try to set up my Synology NAS. But I get an error message: Status 9003
What that means? How do I need to rectify this? I am looking forward to your guidance.
Thanks a lot
G Evans on 18 October, 2012 22:27:38
I have followed these steps perfectly, setup the services (added port 5900 for VNC), added this to the firewall exceptions and included my laptop internal IP reserved an IP for my laptop. Port is not open! Anybody got any ideas? plenty of people shouting about it not working, dodgy router from sky???
Dave on 23 October, 2012 19:44:56
I have the sky Sagemcom F@ST2504n router, I want to set up port forwarding for a new Synology server. The internal network is working fine. I have found info on the 2504 and it says that this cannot release enough ports for the server but is this the same for the 2504n. Has anyone completed this with my router? If so how? Thanks
Shaz on 11 November, 2012 05:21:08
My internal IP address keeps changing e.g. from to etc....any way to fix this??
Chris on 14 November, 2012 05:17:22
Yeah use static IP.
Set your router to remember the IP given to your device by DHCP @ advanced/lanIpSetUp/AddressReservation
Davey on 19 November, 2012 15:22:34
As far as I can see sminq was right about the pass-through comment.

This router does not appear do proper port forwarding, it simply does pass-through. ie.

WAN:8888 ---> LAN xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8888

Using the port forwarding setup, there seems to be no way to tell the router to forward a WAN port 8888 to a different LAN port. ie.

WAN:8888 ---> LAN xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:80

No other ISP supplied router that I know of provides such a crap implementation.

If I'm wrong, please will someone who has successfully set up something like:

WAN:6000-6010 ---> LAN

Please tell me how you did it.
Davey on 19 November, 2012 16:05:04

You've probably got your DHCP switched on in the router and the computer set to request its IP address from DHCP.

first, note down your router's own lan address and subnet

Set up a manual ip address for your network interface on your computer.

Check you can access the internet after a minute or two, and if you can, turn turn DHCP off in the router.

You may have to click 'repair' on your internet connection status panel if you on a windows pc.
jackt on 25 November, 2012 22:23:19
hi today i set up a cctv dvr on this sagem router.

I downloaded the app for i phone called eagleeyes and successfully was able to monitor the cctv.
The problem occured when my dad rebboted the modem and accidently and now the ip changed to something different.
how can i keep one ip allthe time, even if the modem had to reboot or powered off.
While all this worked fine on my i phone using the wifi in the same house soon as i went out and tested the 3g gprs intenet even though i clicked on the APP it failed to connect to the ip.

any ideas thanks in advance
steve rigby on 26 November, 2012 22:54:07
hi guys iam trying to set up a AV TECH dvr network
4CH H.264 DVR (KPD674ZB-C) system for a old lady and i have sucessfully been able to make it work using apple app called eagleeyes.

Problem is

The ip address on the DVR keeps changing currently set to DOCH
I can only view the app on wifi using the same network
Does not work on 3g gprs keeps saying cant access ip THIS is what i want to use it on.

I wanted to set a reservation ip on the sagem f@st sky adsl router but it was asking for a mac address .

Do i enter the MAC address for the i phone or mac address for the DVR and if so how do i locate this.

i would be really gratefull if someone can assist me ON HOW i can tell the router sagem or dvr to allow the i phone to view the cctv using gprs.

many thanks

Steven rigby

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