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How To Get ITV HD With The New Sky+ HD Guide

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This tutorial will show you how to tune your Sky+ HD box (with the new EPG) so as to watch ITV HD



On the new Sky+HD EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) it is possible to manually tune ITV HD so as to watch any programmes that are transmitted in HD

Press services on your remote

  1. Go to add channel and put this information in
  2. 11.427
  3. H
  4. 2/3
  5. 27500

There is no programme information and you can't pause it or record the channel, but you can watch what ever is on, in HD

When you have added the above information, to watch the channel, you have to press services, then other channels and it will be listed there, under the id 10510

Comments (25 posted):

Paul on 13 November, 2009 10:54:16
Tried this but it did not save the details into the 'other channels' location.
jamsterfrog on 22 November, 2009 16:06:37
Kona Owner on 23 November, 2009 11:20:49
Many thanks
steve on 25 November, 2009 15:57:22
tried this method and i,ve still got a blue screen with the message no signal.is this because i have a amstrad box? all other channels and new epg work fine,what,s the problem? thanks hope there is a simple answer?
on 27 November, 2009 11:39:13
cheers for the info
Agee on 29 November, 2009 13:58:29
I only get a message stating no satellite signal recieved even tho there is a football matche being transmitted in HD. Any ideas why this is

Ken Hardacre on 07 December, 2009 15:52:11
Godd info, but where does the box store the channel? and does it store it as 10510?
Heathy1 on 08 December, 2009 14:45:08
Fantastic thanks worked a treat.

all the best and merry christmas
chicquot on 08 December, 2009 22:10:26
sorry but this did not work for me am I doing something wrong
Chaz on 02 January, 2010 21:27:42
I could not manually enter the info and find the the channel. I used the 'yellow' button to scan for it and it's listed as '10510' select it and press yellow then select to add it, it's then available under other channels.
danielgough07 on 04 January, 2010 17:23:08
did not work, just brought up a load of useless channels. i put in the info above and pressed find channels but nothing
danielgough07 on 04 January, 2010 17:45:26
this has left every channel i have saying no signal being received. thank you
Ali on 08 January, 2010 14:45:25
You need to press yellow button for it to find the channel after putting in above input
James Robinson on 10 January, 2010 16:28:45
This will work on the new EPG, but you of course have to tick the 10510 channel for it to store.

Does anyone know how to add DVB-S2 channels on the Sky box so you can see the new HD channels before they are added to the EPG? Thanks
AndyD on 13 January, 2010 22:22:35
"This tutorial will show you how to tune your Sky+ HD box (with the new EPG) so as to watch ITV HD"
Follow instructions carefully, works perfectly, Liverpool v Reading amazing!
Nabz on 05 February, 2010 23:37:40
Follow the steps from the top. after scanning system come back with numerous channels names go to 10510, highlight the channel and press select once highlighted press again to store it. All manaully stored channels go to other channels which is next to add channels tab. system will ask you to key in you 4 key pin to watch manaully add channels.
10510 (free satellite HD name) = ITV1 HD.

hope that helps!
Dave on 16 February, 2010 16:52:45
Worked perfectly for me. I didn't press any yellow buttons or anything else just did exactly as instructions. Thanks
srigby on 28 February, 2010 19:12:57
cant get it to work
Dukesy on 03 March, 2010 19:34:26
Awsome, cheers.
Phil on 05 March, 2010 08:53:26
Didn't work for me. Wouldn't take 27500 only 27.5 and offered no save option. Checked "other channels" and 10510 is listed with channnel RBS. Selected this but nothing! Anybody have any ideas?
lee on 07 March, 2010 08:30:43
stored it but no picture have i done it right need it for wednesday football help please
Hackett on 24 March, 2010 19:05:03
Worked for me cheers.
pjn1978 on 04 April, 2010 13:22:46
ITV HD is now available on Channel 178
noticed it on Friday night
Phill on 04 April, 2010 18:42:31
Remember to press the yellow button to 'Find' the channel - then again to store it. Finally click Select to save it. Works perfectly - thanks!
sarah george on 22 August, 2010 01:12:05
thank you for that post

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