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How to test your Master Socket

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This tutorial will show you how to test your connection using the Test Socket, underneath the face plate on your NTE5 Linebox.



Common problems involving disconnections are usually due to electronic interference on the telephone line. Because of the frequencies used with ADSL internal wiring can act as an aerial for picking up interference.  This can usually be verified by a simple test with the ADSL equipment at the BT master socket.

The image above shows a standard BT master socket.  You will normally have just one of these on your telephone line usually near to where the telephone cable enters your premises.

You can identify the master socket by the split frontplate. Inside the mastersocket is an engineers test socket - this is located underneath the bottom half of the face plate, to the right. The two screws on the bottom half will need to be removed in order to remove the lower half of the faceplate.  The faceplate simply pulls out, once unscrewed.

All of your extension sockets in the house are wired into this faceplate so these will no longer work while the faceplate is removed.

Using the Test Socket

This shows the mastersocket with the faceplate removed. The socket on the right is the engineers test socket.

To test your master socket you will need to connect your ADSL equipment into the test socket.  Use only the short cable supplied with your ADSL modem.  Do Not use long extension leads as these can themselves be the source of the problem. 

If the problem has disappeared then it is either your internal wiring or something plugged into the line causing which was causing the problem.  You will need to check your internal wiring in this case.

If the problem still persists then either there is a problem with the BT line, or your equipment is at fault.  If you are sure it is not your equipment then call Sky support to report the fault.

For further help, please visit our Cabling and faceplate help forums


Comments (2 posted):

john Tuer on 03 February, 2010 21:08:40
I currentlu have a sky connect package. I have recorded 6mb download wich is good but my line is so erratic the speed shoots up then drops to below 512kbs and I loose connection with sites. My router is plugged into the test socket and has been for a while. Is there anything i can do and will I soon be able to upgrade my package. I am a ps3 gamer and my wife is an avid internet user.
Ben on 25 August, 2010 22:15:37
You think your situation is bad john, our contract is currently on the same package the "Sky connect" which in my opinion is s***. Sky Tv is excellent, no faults over the past 10 years, but when we added the broadband and talk all hell broke loose, sky became the annoying company with no inner intelect. We currently are on a connection of around 2kb/s to 20kb/s, yes KB/S. I myself are a gamer on the xbox360 and often i get dissconnected from Xbox Live and other internet services for hours on end. Sky have done nothing to help despite five lengthy calls them resulting in the same "all of the line tests have confirmed there is nothing at fault on the line." What a load of b***s***! The contract ends in 2 months and after that we going else where for broadband and calls.

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