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How to remove Kontiki from your PC

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Everything you need to know on how to remove Kontiki from your computer, follow our easy to use guide.

Instructions for Running Kontiki's KClean Program

The KClean program was developed by Kontiki to remove all implementations of the Kontiki Delivery Manager (KDM) from a PC. It will remove the program files and registry entries associated with the Kontiki client but not any implementation-specific files. There are a few items to consider before running the program.

Run the Uninstall Program First - The Kontiki client is often installed as part of an installation package. KClean will only remove the elements related to the Kontiki client itself. You should first run the uninstall program(s) for any Kontiki implementations that you installed. This is done by going to Control Panel / Add Remove Programs and selecting the program. The name of the program differs by implementation. For the Sky client it is "Sky by broadband". For the BBC Imp client it is "BBC iMP". For the AOL client it is "AOL Hi-Q Video". This is not necessarily a complete list. The uninstall program will remove any implementation-specific files.

KClean Invalidates ALL Kontiki Implementations - The KClean program will remove the back-end program files required to run any implementation of Kontiki. This includes the Sky by Broadband client, the BBC iMP client, and the AOL Hi-Q Video client. No Kontiki implementation will operate properly after the KClean program is run. Thus, this program should only be used to completely remove the program or if suggested by a Support representative (i.e. due to a corrupted implementation).

KClean Does Not Remove Downloaded Content - The KClean program does not remove any content that was downloaded using the Kontiki client. By default content is downloaded to the "My Deliveries" folder of the "My Documents" directory. However, this may be different for your implementation. Many implementations also allow the user to change this location.
General instructions to run the KClean program are given below. Instructions with screen shots are below the general instructions.

Exit the application by right-clicking on the icon in the System Tray (lower right hand corner of the screen) and selecting Exit. (If you can't find the icon, you can ignore this step.)
Go to the following URL:


You'll then be asked if you want to run the program twice. This varies a bit depending on your operating system.

After allowing the program to run, you should see a small window entitled 'KClean 5.00.xxxxx' (xxxxx is a number that changes as this program is updated). The program notes the different Kontiki applications that have been installed on your machine. The functionality of ALL of these will be removed if you press Continue.

You may be told that it couldn't remove all of the files related the program. This can happen if the program is still running when you run KClean. Running the KClean program a second time with a reboot in between should resolve this. Rebooting is rarely needed.
If you wish to reinstall the application after running KClean, simply go to any location that has Kontiki-hosted content.

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