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Setup Skype on a Sky Netgear DG934G Router

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This tutorial shows how to setup Skype on your Sky Netgear DG934G Router.

1) Download and install Skype from here

2) Once installed start the program and then select Tools, and then Options from the top menu.

3) Then Click on Advanced, then Connection. Look for Use Port [number of port] for Incoming Connections, keep a note of this number, in our example it is 35353

4) Untick Use Port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections, then click save.

Skype Options


Now you will need to log in to the Netgear Router by typing the following into a browser (or just click on the link):

Netgear Log On

Username: admin

Password: sky (unless you have already changed this for another password)

Once logged in we need to set up a rule to allow port 35353 to be forwarded to your PC that you are running Skype on.

Click on Security

Netgear Security

Choose Services then Add Custom Service

Custom Service

1) Choose a name to describe the service ie Skype

2) Choose TCP/UDP

3) Enter Start Port number - 35353 (or whatever number)

4) Enter Finish number - 35353 (or whatever number)

5) Click Apply

Add service

Once having clicked on Apply, you should now see a screen similar to this:

Ports Added

Now choose Firewall Rules:

Add rule

1) Underneath Inbound Services choose Add

2) Choose the rule that we made above ie Skype

3) Choose Allow always

4) Put in the correct IP address for the PC that is running Skype, which is normally similar to

5) Click Apply

Add Skype Rule

Away you go.


Comments (9 posted):

RupertTHEbare on 27 February, 2008 15:12:14
Why do you need to go through this process since it works right out of the box?

NewsreadeR on 28 February, 2008 15:50:50
Because it may need ports opening as per Skype's instructions, and also we were asked for help on how to open the ports for Skype.

It's easier to do the tutorial once rather than type it out all of the time. No one is saying you have to, but if you want to, here's how.
kaybee1 on 21 March, 2008 12:31:14
Very informative. Is this a way of getting networked computers to talk to each other via the Sky router?
I can succesfully ping from my laptop and from my wife's desktop, but pinging from desktop ( 'out' to my laptop ( always fails.
NewsreadeR on 25 March, 2008 16:36:13
Maybe you have a firewall that is just doing it's job on the

Try disabling the software firewall and see if it helps?
Decant30 on 28 March, 2008 22:15:37
I would like to know how to set up skype on Sagem 2504. Can you help?
Tryst on 03 June, 2008 11:50:55
How is your Sky Admin section in the fancy Sky backgroup. Mine is still the dull blue and grey. Do I need to upgrade?

robk123 on 10 November, 2008 20:42:54
hi, will these instructions also work for the DG834GT/DG834GTB sky router?
jmmurphy on 09 March, 2009 12:31:47
i need to unlock about 5 things for access to my cameras and sky wont help. need to unlock
NewsreadeR on 09 March, 2009 14:59:48
Just do the same steps as above or ask in the forums.

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