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Outlook 2003 Settings For Sky Email

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How to setup Outlook 2003 Settings with your Sky Email

1. Enable POP in your Sky Email account.

2. Open Outlook 2003.

3. Click the Tools menu, and select E-mail Accounts

4. Select Add A New E-mail Account, and click Next.

5. Choose POP3 as your server type by clicking the radio button, and click Next.

6. Fill in all necessary fields to include the following information as shown below:

Outlook 2003

User Information:
- Your Name: Enter your name as you would like it to appear in the From: field of outgoing messages.
- Email Address: Enter your full Sky Email address (username@sky.com)

Server Information:
- Incoming mail server (POP3): pop.tools.sky.com
- Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp.tools.sky.com

Login Information:
- User Name: Enter your Sky Email username (including @sky.com)
- Password: Enter your Sky Email password

Now click on more settings as shown below:

More settings

Click on Outgoing Server tab and tick box as shown below

Outgoing Server

Click on Advanced tab and enter these settings:


Click ok
Click Test Account Settings... After receiving 'Congratulations! All tests completed successfully', and click Close.
Click Next, and then click Finish.

©Guide and ©screenshots by Kim Cross for skyuser.co.uk

Comments (20 posted):

Hershey on 07 February, 2008 17:08:03
I have tried this, but it doesn't work.
malvernguy on 08 February, 2008 20:07:03
No it doesn't
smawby on 26 February, 2008 08:12:11
I couldn't get it to work either ?
mduffus on 26 February, 2008 18:46:08
This worked for me
kipper on 23 April, 2008 19:27:36
if the above doesnt work for you try these, instead of the tools settings use
Original Message Follows: ------------------------

From: Sky Broadband Support [mailto:help@skycustomersupport.com]
Sent: 22 April 2008 02:45
Subject: Re: Problems Setting up

Thank you for contacting Sky Broadband Technical Support.

We are aware of some issues with our SMTP servers which are affecting a small group of our customers. To counter this, we are asking the affected customers to try using the standard Googlemail servers in an attempt to gain access to their emails. Please perform the following steps, which include the new server addresses to be entered:

1. Open Outlook or Outlook Express

2. Click the Tools menu, and select Accounts

3. Click Add , and then click Mail

4. Enter your name in the Display name field , and click Next

5. Enter your full Sky Email address (username@sky.com) in the Email address field , and click Next

6. Enter pop.gmail.com in the Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server field

7. Enter smtp.gmail.com in the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server field and click Next

8. Enter your Sky Email username (including '@sky.com') in the Account name field

9. Enter your Sky Email password in the Password field , and click Next

10. Click Finish

11. Highlight pop.tools.sky.com under Account , and click Properties

12. Click the Advanced tab

13. Check the box next to This server requires a secure connection (SSL) under Outgoing Mail (SMTP)

14. Enter 465 in the Outgoing mail (SMTP) field

15. Check the box next to This server requires a secure connection (SSL) under Incoming mail (POP3) The port will change to 99 5
* The order of Outgoing and Incoming mail server fields varies by version. Make sure you enter the correct information in each field

16. Click the Servers tab , and check the box next to My server requires authentication

17. Click OK to complete this process

I trust this helps however should yo u continue to experience technical difficulties, please reply to this email or call us on 08 442 41 05 15 . Lines are open 24 hours a day.

Kind regards


Sky Broadband Technical Support



©BSkyB Ltd 2008. British Sky Broadcasting Ltd (Company No. 02906991) has its registered office at Grant Way , Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 5QD.

Original Message Follows: ------------------------

Thank you for your reply,

in answer to your queries, yes I enabled pop3 in mail.tools.sk.com.

I also went through the unlocking procedure.

On 21/04/2008, Sky Broadband Support < help@skycustomersupport.com> wrote:

Dear Mr T hompson,

Thank you for contacting Sky Broadband Technical Support.

Can you please confirm if you logged onto mail.tools.sky.com and changed the settings in the mailbox settings tab to enable POP access?

The steps for doing it are:-

Log onto mail.tools.sky.com
Click on 'Check Emails' or 'Go To Inbox'
Click on the 'Mail Settings Tab'
On the settings page, click on 'forwarding and pop'
Place the dot next to 'Enable POP for all mail'
Click on 'save changes'
After enabling POP, you may find Outlook constantly asking for a password, if this is the case, please follow the steps below:

Close your email client application
From the computer on which the POP logins are failing, go to www.sky.com/unlock
Enter your Username and Password, and the letters in the distorted picture.
Once you have successfully logged in, restart your mail Client application and try to download your mail.
I trust this helps however should yo u continue to experience technical difficulties, please reply to this email or call us on 08 442 41 05 15 . Lines are open 24 hours a day.

As part of Sky's commitment to continual improvement, please take a few moments to complete a short confidential questionnaire. This will provide us with feedback on the Technical Support we provide by email.

Simply Click here to start.

Kind regards


Sky Broadband Technical Support



Information in this email including any attachments may be privileged, confidential and is intended exclusively for the addressee. The views expressed may not be official policy, but the personal views of the originator. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender by return e-mail and delete it from your system. You should not reproduce, distribute, store, retransmit, use or disclose its contents to anyone.

Please note we reserve the right to monitor all e-mail communication through our internal and external networks.

SKY and the SKY marks are trade marks of British Sky Broadcasting Group plc and are used under licence. British Sky Broadcasting Limited (Registration No. 2906991), Sky Interactive Limited (Registration No. 3554332), Sky-In-Home Service Limited (Registration No. 2067075) and Sky Subscribers Services Limited (Registration No. 2340150) are direct or indirect subsidiaries of British Sky Broadcasting Group plc (Registration No. 2247735). All of the companies mentioned in this paragraph are incorporated in England and Wales and share the same registered office at Grant Way , Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 5QD.

©BSkyB Ltd 2008.

Original Message Follows: ------------------------

Enquiry :

I am having technical difficulties
Sky Email & Tools
Problems Setting up Outlook
despite following all the instructions, I cannot get my account set up in outlook. Although it says the server has been found, it will not recognise my user name/password.
jones_gary1 on 24 November, 2008 19:29:41
Thanks after trying everything i was about to give up when i folled the above and it worked what my problem was that the username automaticaly put in my e.mail address but no @sky.com put that in and success thanks again.
sinister_spider on 26 February, 2009 02:51:12
refer to sky help centre. if it keeps asking you for a username/password refer to these address: www.sky.com/unlock then answer the necessary Q's. code is quite too difficult to read though.
jane Gustard on 02 May, 2009 10:33:11

I too am having problems with getting Outlook to send emails. I can receive them ok, but not send.

I have an external ISP (not sky) for my email address, as I have a website hosted by them too. The email address (attached to the website) is for example: xxx.xxx@sdt.co.uk

I have set up the incoming POP smtp to my email provider smtp and the outgoing server to smtp.tools.sky.com. This does not work however, I keep getting error messages saying that the email address is not verified etc, what can I do to sort this out please???
mr.irvine on 14 May, 2009 15:07:31
Why will Outlook 2007 not work with Sky mail ?
K on 15 May, 2009 12:52:38
Same with me Jane. Outgoing server refuses to send. Is there a different outgoing server address other than smtp.tools.sky.com?
Fraggle on 21 June, 2009 23:08:20
Many thanks, this works perfectly.
Paul on 26 June, 2009 18:01:47
Great works a treat.I imagine that the people who can't get it to work are forgetting to retype their whole email address in the user name box as well as the email address box.Thanks
mike barbary on 22 July, 2009 19:34:27
couldn't get the print version to produce a print !!!
NewsreadeR on 23 July, 2009 02:15:14
Try now?
prestonradar on 30 August, 2009 22:12:21
I am using Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview and Microsoft Outlook 2010 works fine this way.
SteveDriver on 24 January, 2010 10:02:39
i am also stuck on this my email is xxx@informatio-france.co.uk I am using outlook can get incoming mails but it will not send outgoing mails anyone have a clue how i should set this up, aleady spent an hour with skys comical helpdesk with no luck.
Ted Gwyneth on 01 February, 2010 15:00:08
I have put into outlook express the details given on your site.I can receive emails but not send .Your help would be appreciated.
Kind Regards
YaxleyDoug on 20 August, 2010 17:30:11
I have set up a business and want to use a separate .co.uk email address using MS Outlook 2003 - I have set it up ok and am able to send and receive ok but I noticed that all my sent emails show my sky doug.ph*lan@sky.com email as the sender, this is no good as I want people to respond to my business address (.co.uk), can you help?
Mary on 06 April, 2012 16:30:09
I have experienced communication probems between Sky email and Outlook 2003 for several days since re-installing Outlook, even though the setup appeared correct, including enabling POP within the Sky.com email settings, and ensuring Outlook 2003 complied with Sky ports, eg 995 and 465 - as shown at the top of this web page. A pop/smtp pop-up kept prompting me for my password. No matter what I did I couldn't get it to work and it was driving me nuts.

I have found a solution after reading the helpful comments by other users, and by trial and error. IT HAS WORKED FOR ME!

I logged into Sky email in the usual way, but DID NOT enter my password. I ticked the "forgotten" box so that it could be reset. I then entered into my Sky email account using my existing password. I opened the Sky reset email and proceeded to change my password. (don't forget to write it down for future reference). I then went to www.sky.com/unlock and entered my NEW password. I received a confirmation message from
"Captcha successfully unlocked"

I then went to back into Outook 2003 email account settings, and entered my new password. I cliked "Test account settings" and at last my OUTLOOK 2003 now speaks to Sky email. All my emails have downloaded to OUTLOOK 2003.
A BIG THANK YOU to everybody for posting your experiences, and frustrations.

I hope this helps someone too.
Good Luck
John on 08 April, 2012 16:00:02
I too are having difficulty setting up outlook 2003 to send tried everything mentioned here but sit won't send either via imap or pop can you help

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