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BitComet Port forwarding on a Sagem F@ST 2504 Router.

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Download and install BitComet from here

Once installed start the program and then select Options from the top menu.

Look for Listen Port and make a note of this number, in our example it is 25042


Now you will need to log in to the Sagem Router by typing the following into a browser (or just click on the link):

Router Log in

Username: admin

Password: sky (unless you have already changed this for another password)

Once logged in we need to set up a rule to allow port 25042 to be forwarded to your PC that you are running BitComet on.

Click on Security


Choose Services then Add Custom Service


1) Choose a name to describe the service

2) Choose TCP/UDP

3) Enter Start Port number - 25042 (or whatever number)

4) Enter Finish number - 25042 (or whatever number)

5) Click Apply


Once having clicked on Apply, you should see a screen simlar to this

Ports Finished

Now choose Firewall Rules:

1) Under Inbound Services choose Add

2) Type a name to identify the service

3) Choose the rule we made above

4) Put in the correct IP address for the PC that is running BitComet

5) Click Apply

Add rule

Away you go. If all done correctly you should now see the green icon, bottom right hand side

All done

Comments (6 posted):

lisa.pouton on 31 March, 2009 23:22:09
im using rev connect peer to peer and cannot get it to download anything is there any one out there could help me ? set up port forwarding as shown but no joy ??
msg me if possible
john-paul on 10 June, 2009 11:03:12
This does not seem to work for port 80. I want to port forward http to my web server but for some reason i end up in the router front web page instead of my webserver. The credentials i'm prompted for are those of my router and not the webserver? Why is port forwarding forwarding http trafic to my gateway router and not the valid IP address i specified? Router is the blue sagem type for ADSL 2+
edward donaldson on 05 July, 2009 02:45:02
I Have Followed The Instuctions Above And Bitcomet still doesnt work, I Mean That The wan Icon in the bottom right corner of the bitcomet page remains grey with unknown wrote next to it i have tryed changing the listening port number but it still dosn't work if anyone has any advice that could help me fix my problem so i can start downloading i would be very greatfull Thank you .
BaDD4B00 on 09 September, 2009 03:02:23
Just used this guide to setup my utorrent also. Worked fine after a bit of tinkering as i have a home network and 3 routers to contend with. If you need any help give me a shout and I'll be glad to help you through this
Jack Cutting on 07 November, 2009 15:28:31
Hey BaDD4B00, I have a warning symbol in my uTorrent. I have followed this tutorial and one on the sky users site, but it won't work. What am I doing wrong? I'm using uTorrent 1.8.5 and the Sky Sagam 2504 router. Can you email me at jack at hbfhog dot com, or just reply.
Eddy42 on 18 April, 2010 21:13:41
I am having the same problem - I just get the router config page when trying to port forward port 80 - I notice the internal lan ip on the forward shows a subnet mask of (It should be - I cannot see how ANY port forward could work on this router as the internal subnet of is locked down.

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