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Sky Fibre Unlimited

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Sky Fibre Unlimited Package
Service Provider: Sky
Speed (up to): 40 meg
Contract Length: 12 months
Monthly fee: £20.00
Free wireless router: Included

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Available in our Fibre network area only

£20 Sky Talk and Sky Line Rental (from £14.50 a month)

Unlimited usage

  • Inclusive weekend UK* calls
  • Our best ever wireless router
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 12 months free trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite
  • Free and unlimited internet access out and about with WiFi Hotspots from The Cloud


Sky Fibre Broadband - FAQ

If you would like to order Sky Fibre Unlimited, click here.

Sky Broadband and Talk - Broadband and Wireless Offers - Upgrade Online


Speeds vary with location and line quality. No traffic management policy for Sky Broadband Unlimited or Sky Fibre Unlimited. External factors such as internet congestion can affect speed.

Sky network and selected fibre areas only. Sky Broadband Connect at £17 a month is available to customers outside our network area (£30 set-up cost for existing Sky TV customers). Connect has a monthly usage cap of 40GB and is subject to a Traffic Management Policy. Sky Fibre Unlimited not available to existing fibre customers except cable. Sky Line Rental payable (£14.50 per month). 12 month min subscriptions apply.

App available for Sky Broadband Unlimited/Connect/Unlimited Fibre customers on Apple devices with iOS 4.2.1 or later and compatible Android devices with OS2.1-2.x and 4.x. Available on 6 registered devices. Experience varies by location and number of users.

Last updated: 04/10/2012


Comments (5 posted):

Jennifer on 12 February, 2012 09:58:44
when is Sky Fibre optic superfast broadband coming to Hertfordshire, East Barnet, EN4? We wish to join you.

Can someone please telephone 07940-515869
Brenda Babbage on 12 February, 2012 12:51:25
I have sky broadband unlimited and my download speed (as checked here on this webpage) is 0.479 for downloads & 0.387 for uploads. Where is the 44mb. I thought my previouse provider was bad but at least I had 2.0 mb.
Mukhtiar singh gosal on 05 March, 2012 17:15:32
the download speed of sky unlimited is shown on the sky is 40mb but we checked that our speed is only 14mb why please check it and solve our problem.
NewsreadeR on 15 March, 2012 14:48:02
You are posting on the Sky Unlimited Fibre page, this service hasn't even launched yet!
Simon welled on 06 May, 2012 17:08:26
I have had sky talk unlimited for 12 months
I should get between 12mpbs - 19mpbs as stated in their contract but I actually get:
5.80mpbs download,
0.65mpbs upload,
37 ms ping.
This is the best I have ever got from sky.
I spoke to sky this morning about sky fibre unlimited and they said I can get it.
It will cost me a one of fee of £50 and then £20 p.m. For 12 mths.
I'm a little annoyed as they can't tell me what speed I'm going to get before hand.
And that I have to pay £50 for something they say in their contract I should have got as a minimum speed 12 mths ago but didn't.

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