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SkyUser Speedtester Upgrade - Now Up to 50mb Compatible

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image The all new SkyUser Broadband Speedtester

We have today upgraded our Broadband Speedtester, now up to 50mb compatible.




Following on from the news that VM believe Speed Testers, would not do their new 50meg Product any justice, quotes below:

Virgin Media believes it is being shafted by comparison sites offering ISP speed checks, and has called on them to improve their techniques ahead of the launch of its 50Mbit/s upgrade.
Virgin Media now says its lab tests show the web-based methods used by the comparison sites are often flawed, and that it will publish the results online. The firm is worried that mismeasurements of as much as 40 per cent will be further amplified once it boosts its top package from the current theoretical 20Mbit/s maximum download speed to 50Mbit/s next month.
Virgin Media calls foul on web speed testers ? The Register

We have today upgraded, the SkyUser Broadband Speedtester, with some higher payloads, and newer detection routines, which should now upgrade our Speedtester, to being capable of capturing the new higher speeds, of any such new products, up to 50mb.

We appreciate that there may still be some issues, as this has only just been implemented, and we would welcome any feedback in this thread, for us to act on.

We are aware of the IP detection, that may not show certain ISP's as being detected, this issue is currently being addressed, and will be hopefully sorted very soon.

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Francis Keighren on 24 September, 2010 09:16:03

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