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BT vs Sky - How much could you save?

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SkyUser compare current packages from BT and Sky to see how much you could save on your phone bill



A few days ago, one of our members Nigelh posted in our Sky Talk forums, an interesting piece of news regarding BT and their (on face value) scrapping of 0870 and 0845 numbers.

Naturally, we wanted to see what this would mean for those of us who use BT as a telephony provider compared to Sky and their alternative offering Sky Talk.


We have uncovered the following facts, which greatly reduce the ‘perceived’ value of BT’s so called grand gesture.

  • BT lost 931,000 residential telephony customers in the 12 months ending September 2008. If we compare this to Sky, Sky Talk gained 682,000 customers.
  • ‘Free’ calls to 0845 / 0870 are tied to BT customers’ inclusive minutes. Outside of these inclusive minutes, BT would still charge you for calls to 0870 numbers: http://www.productsandservices.bt.com/consumer/consumerProducts/pdf/UKInternationalprices.pdf
  • Only those of us paying £4.85 per month for BT Anytime would actually benefit from free 0870 calls during the day time. (Less than 10% of BT customers actually take BT Anytime)
  • So the rest of BT’s customers would still be paying for daytime calls to 0870 and the vast majority of calls made to 0870 numbers are made during the day. This could be from work and using your employer’s telephone bill to do so.

SkyUser have made a comparison between BT and Sky and both their equivalent services below. When you weigh up the recent news from BT, there are some serious savings to be made, just from taking Sky Talk over staying with BT.

  • BT’s ‘Broadband Option 1’ (up to 8Mb) plus ‘Unlimited Evening and Weekend Plan’ (unlimited evening and weekend calls including line rental): £18.95 for three months and then £25.92 after with an 18 month contract = £445.65
  • ‘Sky Broadband Mid’ (up to 8mb) and ‘Sky Talk Freetime’ (unlimited free evening and weekend calls), and ‘Sky Talk’ line rental: £15 a month = £295 over 18 months (including all connection fees).

So as you can see, providing you don’t use 0870 or 0845 numbers too often, you could actually save yourself £150.65 over 18 months or in layman’s terms £8.37 a month. And even then, if you do use 0870 numbers, you could always save yourself some more money, by using SayNoTo0870 to find any alternative local rate numbers.

The recent news from BT can now be seen in a completely different light. It could be construed that BT are actually offering this, to help slow down the loss of their customers to other providers.

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Comments (12 posted):

Arran on 13 September, 2009 17:34:52
Sky broadband sucks my friend is on it switched from orange and his connection speed is slower it poor there routers suck and my mum friend who whent from bulldog to sky had a better service with bulldog and thats saying a lot im with BT its fast as anything and they dont mind what router you use so its worth paying more
j wright on 16 September, 2009 18:43:11
I think its fair to say that Bt will start to offer more lucrative packages now that Ofcom have lifted the ban on them offering Bundled packages
Jon on 07 October, 2009 14:48:13
You can not compare broadband between the two because sky broadband does not exist after 5pm!!!!You get throttled to death example 5.5 daytime come 5pm 0.5!! I am not joking!!!!!
michelle on 19 October, 2009 17:50:08
it must depend on where you live, i have had sky broadband for years with no problems & excellent customer service
Dave73 on 19 October, 2009 19:56:45
I am a sky broadband customer, never once been throttled, my speeds are prety much constant and my router syncs at 19997 kbps.

The router is crap yes but if your in need of a better router just use the sky router/modem as a modem only and use a good router for routing.

I use my sky router/modem with my WRT54G-L (tomato) and its perfect and I stream 1080p media across my network with ease.

My sky broadband is perfect at 5pm and any other time of the day for that matter.

£10 per month and I aint had a single problem, dunno what the "problem" is with you guys.

Until another ISP has the balls to remove their FUP and STM`s sky will remain a very good isp choice, just dont be cheap and pay a whopping £10 per month for there unlimited plan.
GordonD on 27 November, 2009 22:33:26
I for one have better speed than I had with Orange. And it cost me less each month, I reckon we will save approx £330 this year. So i for one am mega happy. Good work Sky.
me on 18 December, 2009 13:20:14
i have sky tv broadband and talk....so here are some pointers for that may be useful...
sky+: even though I'm paying for the sky+ subscription, i can't record a program on one channel and watch something else..so if i do want to record something i have to be watching / have that channel on anyway..i called sky and they said this is because I'm in a block of flats and there's nothing they can do about it...

broadband...when i joined sky a few months ago they had an offer for £17.50 you can get basic sky+, free sky talk and free 2MB broadband....the speed, even though they say is 2MB, is very fast and I've told all my other friends to stop paying for the faster speed and just get the free one...none of them have noticed a difference in speed..so could save you all a fiver/tenner a month for some extra xmas shoppin :p
Paul Dz on 27 January, 2010 19:41:12
I had been with BT for years but moved to Sky recently. The BT service sometimes dropped to 25k/sec even though my line is capable of 4.5Mb/sec but it all depends on servers, traffic etc.
So far the move to Sky has been painless and speed compares favourably. Packet reliability is better. But best of all Sky is much more competitive.
wizzy on 19 March, 2010 09:02:07
i have just spoken to bt about there services as i was going to move from sky,bt are doing a package which is the one i could do with it cost £52.77p a month unlimited broadband calls after 6pm are free and other tv stuff, but again sky is cheaper. i pay round £35 a month. omg what do i do i no bt internet is faster.
Amber19Keith on 21 March, 2010 16:18:51
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John D on 17 April, 2010 10:19:37
I transferred from Sky broadband to Bt broadband as our exchange is not LLU and sky speeds at night time was NOT good at stages less than 0.5mb on an 8mb line.

I'm on BT option 3 for £24 and unlimited calls for £5,BUT with option 3 you have another land line number for your hub phone 500 free BT hotzone minutes plus if you sign up to BT Fon you get unlimited free wifi contenting to others that has signed up to Fon,forgot to say you also have 200 free text from home phone a month to me that is worth extra money
nathan on 17 August, 2010 13:58:32
im on btbroadband OPTION 3 IVE GOT 2 LAPTOPS AND MY SPEED AS GONE DOWN BECAUSE OF FAIR USAGE POLICY WHICH ISNT THEN UNLIMITED BUT SKY BROADBAND IS NOT FAIR USAGE and im paiying £54.00 for sky tv just for the tv channels but then im paying from £75.00 to £100.00 just for calls and internet line rental and i can get telephone /rental broadband and tv for £72.00 so do ur maths peopele £154 month for bt n sky

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