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ADSL Line & Broadband Availability Checker

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Try our all new, SkyUser ADSL Line & Broadband Availability Checker. Check what ISP and technology is available to you.


Are you looking for a new ISP?

Do you need to know if LLU is available at your Telephone Exchange?

Using Google Maps, now you can find the approximate distance your Telephone Exchange is from your house or office.

We can also estimate your line length, as the crow flies, as well as the most logical route, although in reality, this is not usually the case.

All of the data that our checker displays on screen, is pulled from SamKnows and then presented in an easy to understand interface, to help you choose your new ISP or even the Technology that is available to you.

Our Broadband Availability Checker now includes lots of new, key features:

  • Telephone and Postcode Check for improved accuracy
  • Distance from your home or office to your telephone exchange
  • ADSL Enabled date
  • DSL Max Enabled date
  • SDSL Enabled date
  • 21CN due date
  • 21CN WBC (Broadband) date
  • Fixed ADSL predicted speed
  • DSL Max predicted speed
  • 21CN WBC predicted speed
  • LLU, Cable, & Wireless availability

Comments (6 posted):

Dartsfaninoxford on 18 February, 2009 17:57:21
when i read on the broadband checker that 21cn avaiable2009 what dose this mean? and what difference will it make to my sky broaband connect ?
Dartsfaninoxford on 23 February, 2009 16:58:10
posted a coment on the 18th of feb would someone please reply
NewsreadeR on 25 February, 2009 15:50:13
Ask the question in the forums, you will get a reply there.
Rapidshare SE on 22 April, 2010 13:30:34
Well, sometimes this can relly help. As for me I use it to find the best route.
chris on 25 April, 2010 21:36:23
I'm paying £10 a month for sky broadband 10mb.

Currently see 300kb per sec maximum. I live 700 meters away from an exchange.

I struggle to watch youtube vids. Takes near enough 2 minutes to download 40 seconds to 1 min of video.

Why do I bother with sky?????
MGSteve on 24 August, 2010 10:47:24
Chris - if you're 700m from the exchange, you've got a fault on the line, ring up Sky!

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