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Sky Customers clearly have so little understanding

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The customer is not always right, especially when it comes to technology, says regular columnist Bill Thompson.

"It's rare that I find myself on the side of large companies such as Google and Sky when it comes to the way they treat customers, but the current furore over the way Sky moved over a million UK customers from its own servers to Google's GMail service has resulted in what seems to be rather undeserved criticism.

Sky announced the move in August and have now made the technical changes needed. Instead of using a hosted mail service their users now get e-mail via a Sky-branded front-end to Google's webmail."

Perhaps Bill Thompson cannot read websites? If he had read properly he would have spotted that there was actually a problem with the migration, of which Sky have actually told customers.

As for the following statement, I am starting to think, am I getting value for money from my TV Licence?

"But I am starting to think that anyone who can't follow the step-by-step guide to updating their Outlook account settings really shouldn't be using e-mail at all - they clearly have so little understanding of the technology in their hands that it's like letting a small child play with an unlicensed nuclear reactor."

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Thanks to kbramman for pointing this out

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zippedy on 06 October, 2009 20:23:36
i bit harsh i think, maybe?

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