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The New Sky Router Hub - SR101

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This is the brand new SR101 Router Hub from Sky due to be released in September, although one member has received his recently, having only just signed up to Sky.

Further to our thread regarding the new Sky Router, and that the new Sky router was on its way out to the masses around about September. (well at least to new customers anyway)

Is This The New Sky Wireless N Router / Hub?

We have received some pictures of the new Hub from a new member who has only just recently signed upto Sky Broadband.


Now, either Sky have made an error and sent this product out early, or new signups could just be receiving one of these prior to going live on Sky Broadband.


We do know the specs of this, but as it was officially still being Beta Tested by Sky, we chose to not give any further information. We will let those who have received them, fill you in with all the details.

It comes in a box (obviously) with the usual additions.


The front of it looks like this,


And the back of it looks like this,


Having not had the pleasure of receiving one of these Router Hubs, there is not a lot more I can tell you, apart from on face value, it looks beautiful.

Hopefully once it is rolled out, it proves to be as good as any of the previous Sky Routers, if not better.

You can follow the progress of the member who received the new router in our forum thread.

Have sky conned me with my router

PS - In answer to the member's thread title, no they most definitely haven't. I would much rather have one of these than the Sagem 2504n that I currently have.

PPS - Here's a couple of piccies showing the rough dimensions.






Comments (10 posted):

shaun obrien on 01 August, 2012 21:33:47
hello sky
is that sky new home hub like bt
i am looking forward for sky fibric optic broadband in my aera
joe pineapples on 02 August, 2012 10:33:07
"and keep me on all the time"....Sky doing their bit for the environment then.
Daniel on 15 August, 2012 10:45:19
i got one of these through the post this morning, i was expecting the black one with the WPS button on the side
Peter Proxy on 04 September, 2012 20:51:41
@joe pineapples - Go and hug a tree?
Paul on 06 September, 2012 17:09:23
Ive got one bt openreach installed it today, bit big for my liking it aint pretty!
james prentice on 15 September, 2012 12:30:01
HI @ sky, I would love to have one of your new internet boxes as I am one of your older customers and badly disabled a new router box would be the bee's knees
stan hicks on 15 September, 2012 19:42:55
I had the new hub put in today cant wiate to use it i was told that the is wicker than the old ones after i have used it for a while i will send amother comment later.
penrhyn on 25 September, 2012 09:33:52
What is the purpose of the Sky+ HD indicator? Download in progress maybe?
bon on 04 October, 2012 14:51:37
But it rubbish with 4 x ethernet port only up to 100Mbps (no 1Gbps) ?
Shelbi805 on 26 October, 2012 16:18:23
I've just paid a tenner for one of these of sky website, so basically it's a new router??
And apparently you can have more connecting uninterrupted??
I've been with sky 7/8 yr and Ihave had the same router since day 1 and I know it's wearing thin, but I've also had my laptop, iPad, mobile and there's a touch,ps3 all going through that router.( I did try and blag one when sky+ was installed but they wasn't having it, just a few micro filters which again have been the same ones..
So basically I've just paid for a new router? Coz mine already does what this new one 'exclusively ' is used for..

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