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Sky's Broadband Pricing To Change - March 2009

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Sky are to concentrate on Sky Talk customer additions, and for their trouble, customers will get a reduced rate of broadband.




We have been tipped off that Sky Broadband pricing is to change as from March 2009, with the emphasis on customers signing up to Sky Talk, receiving lower prices.

Current Pricing (per month) is:

Base - £0
Mid - £5
Max - £10
Connect - £17

New Pricing as from March 2009:

Base - £5 or £0 with Sky Talk
Mid - £10 or £5 with Sky Talk
Max - £15 or £10 with Sky Talk
Connect - £17 (no price increase or requirement for Sky Talk)

Apparently, any customers signing up to Sky Broadband as from 20th November 2008 will be informed of these future changes, and that their subscription would be increased in March 2009, if they were not signed up to Sky Talk.

It had to come sooner or later, and it is fairly clear, that Sky's planned growth is in the Sky Talk arena.

We have asked Sky to confirm or deny this information, and will publish the reply, if and when we receive one.


It would appear customers that have signed up to Sky before 20th November 2008, with a HD or Multi-room subscription, would be protected from this price increase, until 1st January 2010.

Existing customers (before 20th November) of Base, Mid and Max with HD or Multi-room will automatically recieve a 10 month discount of £5 per month on their monthly BB sub to protect them from the increase. The new prices will not be effective for these customers until 1st Jan 2010. They can permanently avoid the increase by taking a Sky Talk

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P radford on 10 May, 2012 19:31:41

I would like to say how annoyed I am with sky, in particular sky broadband. I have been a sky customer for years, and through mis information yesterday from an agent regarding sky broadband lite I realised I was paying ten pounds per month when your rate is seven pounds fifty. Is the over billing how you keep people loyal to your company when there are other options available? I am seriously thinking of cancelling all of my sky packages now and going with virgin media. I was told on the phone from an agent " that is the contract you signed up to" I advised her that was the only option available at the time for what I needed. I would like a telephone call back regarding this matter Regards

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