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Sky Launches New Up To 20Mb Broadband Product

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Sky Unlimited will offer Britain’s best value truly unlimited service at just £7.50 a month for Sky TV customers with Sky Talk.

  • New, enhanced product offering sees all Sky Broadband network area customers getting speeds of up to 20Mb - effectively as fast as their lines can go
  • Sky becomes the only ISP to offer a free up to 20Mb service
  • Sky’s truly unlimited package, at £7.50 a month for Sky TV customers with Sky Talk, offers market leading value and is £209 a year* cheaper in the first year than the nearest equivalent package from BT
  • Sky maintains its commitment to being the only major ISP not to implement a ‘fair-use’ policy on its Unlimited service or ‘traffic shape’ speeds on any of its network products, giving its customers consistent, reliable broadband anytime of day

21 April 2010 - Sky today announces details of significant enhancements to its broadband services from 1st June this year. To make customers’ broadband choices easier & offer the maximum value, Sky will have just two broadband options for Sky TV customers, both offering up to 20Mb download speeds (or effectively as fast as their lines can reliably go).
  • Sky Unlimited will offer Britain’s best value truly unlimited service at just £7.50 a month for Sky TV customers with Sky Talk. It comes with no usage caps, fair use policies or traffic management, making it ideal for those who want the freedom to download emails, photos, TV programmes, movies and games. It’s also ideal for those who want to access live and on-demand TV through Sky Player.
  • For those interested in basic internet browsing, Sky Everyday Lite will be free for Sky TV customers with Sky Talk and offers up to 20Mb download speeds with a two gigabyte usage allowance.

The two new packs offer customers the most competitively priced broadband services of their kind. Unlike some ISPs, Sky does not reduce the speeds customers enjoy on its broadband network at busy times of the day.

Delia Bushell, Sky’s Director of Broadband & Talk: “Sky is transforming the broadband marketplace again, by providing Britain’s best value up to 20Mb truly unlimited broadband service and the UK’s only free, up to 20Mb service. With these new products, our customers have a very simple choice to make based on how much they use the internet, with peace of mind that they are getting a high quality, reliable service. Unlike some other ISPs, Sky promises not to slow down the speed customers enjoy on its network at peak times, and in terms of usage, Sky’s unlimited service really means unlimited.”


  • Sky Broadband Unlimited and Sky Everyday Lite are available to Sky TV customers without Sky Talk for an additional £5 a month (customer’s actual download speeds will vary with their location and line quality).
  • Sky Broadband Connect continues to be available as a wholesale product with up to 8Mb downloads for customers outside Sky network areas and at a price of £17 a month with £30 set up for existing Sky TV customers. Connect has a monthly usage cap of 40GB and is subject to a Traffic Management Policy. See sky.com for more details.
  • Free evening and weekend UK landline calls are to 01, 02, 03 & 0870 numbers and exclude Channel Islands, indirect and dial-up Internet access numbers and 070 numbers. ‘Free’ calls last up to an hour, although customers can hang up and redial as often as they like.
  • *Saving of £209 is calculated over a customer’s first 12 months and applies to current standard monthly subscription prices for existing Sky TV customers taking Sky Broadband Unlimited (£7.50 when taking Sky TV and Sky Talk), Sky Talk Unlimited (£5) or Freetime (£0) and BT line rental (£11.54 with paperless billing) compared with the standard monthly cost of BT Broadband Option 3 (£24.99 on a 12 month contract), BT Unlimited Anytime Plan (£4.99 on a 12 month contract) or Weekend Plan (£0 on a 12 month contract) and BT line rental (£11.54 with paperless billing). Excludes BT offers. See bt.com for details.
  • Sky’s two new broadband products are available for new and existing customers alike. All new customers will be able to sign up for the new packages from 1st June. Existing Sky Broadband Base customers will be automatically upgraded to the new Sky Broadband Everyday Lite over the course of the summer. Current Sky Broadband Everyday customers can upgrade themselves to Sky Broadband Unlimited at any time from 1st June onwards, prior to automatically being upgraded in September. And Sky Broadband Unlimited customers will be required re-contract to Sky Broadband Unlimited for 12 months in order to receive the new pricing of £7.50.


Comments (4 posted):

Pup on 29 April, 2010 21:21:16
Hmmmm. Not happy being forced to upgrade to a more expensive product that I don't need or want. Sooooo close to cancelling the lot! (TV,Phone&Net). Have to find lots of sites to download from.
Terry Rand on 02 May, 2010 09:23:42
Why dont sky call this package " Like it or lump it" because that is what it is.
At 73 years old I am closer to becoming a "Virgin" every day.
If your telephone line won't carry a higher speed you will pay 150% more broadband you signed up for!
Sky after 15 years you'll lose the whole package. Not just the broadband
philthunder on 06 May, 2010 10:34:23
I agree with Terry, Virgin is looking very attractive. And with freeview going HD who wants to pay for rubbish channels
H on 06 May, 2010 12:28:55
Pup and Terry It doesn't look like anything's changes apart from the upper package costing less and the incress to the speed. sky you always over complicates things Simple english please!

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