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Sky+HD continues to push innovation boundaries

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image New Amstrad Sky+HD with a 1TB HDD - £249

There's a new Sky+HD box on the streets, equipped with a massive 1TB HDD

Sky have launched their brand new Sky+HD box with a massive 1TB HDD, allowing customers to record upto 240 hours of HD entertainment.

The new box retails at £249 and you can buy these now, by calling 08442 411385

Sky are also allowing pre registration for their 3D TV and Video On Demand service which is scheduled to launch later this year.


Sky have sent us this press release.

Sky today announced another milestone in its innovation story with the introduction of a new Sky+HD box which can store up to 240 hours of personal high definition (HD) television, the largest capacity HD personal video recorder in Europe.

The new Sky+HD 1TB (www.sky.com/1TB) box, so called because of its one terabyte of personal storage, will be sold at a price of £249 from 28th January 2010. The box offers all the benefits of a standard Sky+HD box, including access to Sky’s 37 HD channels, the new HD Sky Guide, Sky+ and Sky Anytime, but with four times the storage capacity, which equates to around 100 HD movies or 740 hours of standard definition content. Sky Anytime also increases its memory size, to allow for up to 160 hours of HD content, to view on-demand.

Hilary Perchard, Sky’s Director of Product Management & Marketing: “We want to offer people as much choice as possible. We know customers are happy with the storage on our standard box, but the Sky+HD 1TB (www.sky.com/1TB) will appeal to people who want to watch and store even more HD TV. Whether customers take a Sky+HD box or the new Sky+HD 1TB box, they’re guaranteed a premium viewing experience that is future-proofed for Sky’s 3D and video-on-demand services, due to arrive later this year.”

Sky launched the UK’s first national HD service in May 2006 which has since become Europe’s most successful HD service. Today Sky+HD customers can watch 37 HD channels from leading brands such as Sky Movies, Sky Sports, Channel 4, E4, Disney, MTV, BBC, Discovery, FX, Sky1 and National Geographic.

Further channels are due shortly, including Sky News HD (Spring 2010), with a view to growing the offering to 50 channels.

Details on Sky’s pull VOD and 3DTV services, including pricing, packaging and entitlement, will be announced closer to launch.

For more information about the Sky+HD 1TB visit: www.sky.com/1TB.

The Sky+HD 1TB box is available with a Sky+HD subscription (£10 per month), it costs £249, with installation costing £30 for new customers and £60 for existing customers.

The new box offers one terabyte of personal storage compared to 250 gigabytes currently available:

  • 240 hours of HD content
  • circ.100 movies in HD
  • 740 hours of SD content

Sky+HD benefits:
  • Customers can enjoy up to 37 HD channels – that’s 30 more than anyone else
  • Record at the touch of a button
  • Record two channels while watching a third previously recorded programme
  • Automatically record new episodes of a favourite series
  • Pause and rewind live TV
  • Remote Record
  • Sky Anytime – a selection of the weeks best TV available on demand offering up to 90 hours of HD programming


Click here to see the new 1TB Sky+HD Box


More to follow

Comments (6 posted):

joe pineapples on 28 January, 2010 16:05:16
will these come with a 1 year warranty?
jon hartles on 02 February, 2010 13:41:50
hi i would just like to say i only watch sky tv 24/7 when the HD BOX came out it cost me £260 now there free. yes i would have this 1TB box no problem .My sky bill is nearly £150 p/m i have sky broadband sky eneytime ALL chanels and packages . WHY can't you make some way some how possible for people to pay for the 1TB box that support sky all the way to have up to date products and keep them watching and interested and can't get out of the seat
jon hartles on 02 February, 2010 14:01:25
make it better 1year at £25 p/m to your bill to pay for the 1TB BOX + £30 insalation
y o y o y ? on 05 February, 2010 15:34:54
i never understood why loyal customers had to pay double for installation when it must be twice as easy to do as all the cables etc. are already there ?
on 07 February, 2010 14:44:11
If its anything like the current HD box it will skip, jump and crash every other day and need constant restarting!
Captain W on 01 March, 2010 14:48:47
Well, I've had one of these boxes installed and it's very quick, has good pic quality and plenty of space - in fact we have 7 recordings, 5 of which are in HD and only used 2%. Sleek looking box as well and runs the new EPG very well. For an Amstrad box, I'm well impressed (Sky well done re Amstrad!)... just hope this keeps up

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